PHP Projects

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Build product ready applications and find real world solutions with PHP

About This Video

  • Build three unique projects using PHP 7

  • Grasp all the concepts from basic to advanced

  • Develop a well-organized and maintained unit with functional testing

  • In Detail

    The latest release of PHP has created a massive spark among developers, needless to say how popular a back-end scripting language it is. With this course, you'll get a deep insight into 3 cool projects that are built on PHP, and you'll learn different ways to improve your development.

    Once you're familiar with setting up your environment and using the basic syntax of PHP, we'll begin with an entry-level project, where we'll show you how to build a URL shortener. You'll understand how to make effective use of MVC and how to connect up to the database. From there, we'll show you how to automate testing for our project and how to create functional tests. Next, we'll jump on to building an authentication platform, where you'll be introduced to Test Driven Development and CRUD, to create persistence storage. We'll show you the beauty of using the REST API and you'll also learn how to alleviate the load on the database. Finally, we'll build a social sharing platform, where we'll tighten the security and let users interact with each other in real-time.

    With this course in your hands, you'll be confident of the practical use cases of PHP and will be ready to take your development skills to the next level.

    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Starting a PHP Project
      1. The Course Overview 00:03:37
      2. Creating the Development Environment 00:08:12
      3. Setting Up PhpStorm 00:08:42
      4. Setting Up NetBeans 00:04:24
    2. Chapter 2 : Introduction to PHP
      1. Handling Forms 00:06:27
      2. Using PHP Sessions 00:04:43
      3. Useful PHP Functions 00:04:11
      4. Using PDO to Connect to a Database 00:09:55
      5. Basic Object Oriented Features 00:08:14
    3. Chapter 3 : Turning Long URLs into Short Ones
      1. Composing a Project 00:07:41
      2. Using MVC in the Right Way 00:09:26
      3. Securing and Validating Our Data 00:05:22
      4. Wiring Up to the Database 00:08:56
      5. Redirecting Our Users 00:06:56
    4. Chapter 4 : Automated Testing of Our Shortener
      1. Installing PHPUnit 00:05:44
      2. Understanding PHPUnit 00:06:51
      3. Using Mock Objects in a Test 00:09:48
      4. Testing Database Interaction 00:09:44
      5. Functional Tests with Selenium 00:10:28
    5. Chapter 5 : Creating an Authentication Platform
      1. Introducing Test Driven Development with User Management 00:09:43
      2. Thunks, Pure Reducers, and Scrolling 00:09:42
      3. Managing Groups for the Users 00:06:01
      4. DRYing Out Group and User CRUD 00:06:51
      5. Giving Permissions to Our Groups 00:05:19
      6. Bootstrapping Authentication to Our Management System 00:09:35
    6. Chapter 6 : Converting Our User Management Application into a Scalable Service
      1. Introducing REST 00:07:51
      2. Creating a REST Interface for User Management 00:10:32
      3. Moving from SQLite to MySQL 00:08:18
      4. Moving Sessions from Files to the Database 00:07:04
      5. Introducing Memcache for Caching and Session Management 00:10:07
    7. Chapter 7 : Creating a Social Sharing Platform
      1. Introducing Silex 00:08:13
      2. Using OAuth to Login 00:08:13
      3. Completing the Account Registration and Login Flow 00:08:44
      4. Creating a Crawler Service 00:06:19
      5. Allowing URLs to be Shared 00:06:38
      6. Allowing for Crawling to Scale 00:06:49
      7. Creating a Real-time Global Feed 00:06:27
    8. Chapter 8 : Letting Users Interact with Each Other
      1. Searching for Your Friends 00:07:41
      2. Discovering New Content 00:05:02
      3. User Following and Unfollowing 00:04:25
      4. Creating a Real-Time Commenting Stream for URLs 00:06:22
      5. Creating a Feed for Users 00:08:34

    Product information

    • Title: PHP Projects
    • Author(s): Michael Lively
    • Release date: September 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781786460004