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Score higher on your PHR exam with the market's most comprehensive book, PHR Exam Prep: Professional in Human Resources. Written by a leading expert on the PHR exam, this is the only PHR-centric book with PHR-specific objectives. Each exam objective is thoroughly detailed, providing you with precisely the information you need to know to score higher on the exam. Also featured is the Exam Prep proven method of study, which includes Exam Alerts, tips, notes, sidebars, hundreds of PHR practice questions, relevant exercises, review breaks, a glossary, objective reference sheet, a practice exam CD-ROM, and a full practice exam in the book. You will be able to assess your exam readiness with the practice exam questions and you will develop effective study habits that will be tailored to your PHR exam preparation. Cut to the chase and find out exactly what you need to know in order to pass the exam with the PHR Exam Prep.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Introduction
  6. Study and Exam Prep Tips
  7. Exam Preparation
    1. The HR Profession and the PHR Exam
      1. Introduction
      2. What Is SHRM, and What Does It Mean to You?
      3. What Is HRCI?
      4. Why Is Certification Important?
      5. What Tests Does HRCI Administer, and Which One Is Right for Me?
      6. PHR or SPHR—Which Should You Take?
      7. Going Forward with the PHR Exam
      8. What to Expect the Day of Your Test
      9. What Happens After You Complete the Exam?
      10. Chapter Summary
    2. HR: A Body of Underlying Knowledge and Principles
      1. Introduction
      2. Needs Assessment and Analysis
      3. Third-Party Contract Management
      4. Communication Strategies
      5. Documentation Requirements
      6. Adult Learning Processes
      7. Motivation Concepts and Applications
      8. Training Methods
      9. Leadership Concepts and Applications
      10. Leadership Styles
      11. Project Management Concepts and Applications
      12. Diversity Concepts and Applications
      13. Human Relations Concepts and Applications
      14. HR Ethics and Professional Standards
      15. Technology and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to Support HR Activities
      16. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods and Tools for Analysis, Interpretation, and Decision-Making Purposes
      17. Change Management
      18. Liability and Risk Management
      19. Job Analysis and Job Description Methods
      20. Employee Records Management
      21. Interrelationships Among HR Activities and Programs Across Functional Areas
      22. Chapter Summary
      23. Apply Your Knowledge
      24. Suggested Readings and Resources
    3. Strategic Management
      1. Introduction
      2. The Evolving Role of HR
      3. Strategic Planning
      4. Environmental Scanning—An External Perspective
      5. Organizations: Structure, Design, and Partnership
      6. Measuring HR Effectiveness
      7. Ethical Considerations for HR Professionals
      8. Legislative Framework, Considerations, and Opportunities
      9. Chapter Summary
      10. Apply Your Knowledge
      11. Suggested Readings and Resources
    4. Workforce Planning and Employment
      1. Introduction
      2. Equal Employment Opportunity: The Basics
      3. Related Legislation: Workforce Planning and Employment
      4. Workforce Planning: Where Are We Going?
      5. Workforce Planning: What Will We Need to Get There?
      6. Workforce Planning: What Jobs Will Need to Be Performed?
      7. Employment: Recruiting Candidates
      8. Employment: The Selection Process
      9. Employment: Background Checks
      10. Employment: Extending the Offer
      11. Employment: Employee Orientation
      12. Terminations
      13. Exit Interviews
      14. Relevant Cases
      15. Chapter Summary
      16. Apply Your Knowledge
      17. Suggested Readings and Resources
    5. HR Development
      1. Introduction
      2. Related Legislation: Human Resource Development
      3. HRD: The Importance of ADDIE
      4. Organization Development (OD)
      5. Training
      6. Career Development
      7. Leadership Development
      8. Performance Management
      9. Chapter Summary
      10. Apply Your Knowledge
    6. Compensation and Benefits
      1. Introduction
      2. C&B Footing #1: Employee or Independent Contractor?
      3. C&B Footing #2: Exempt or Non-exempt?
      4. C&B Footing #3: Compensation + Benefits = Total Compensation
      5. Related Legislation: Compensation
      6. Compensation: Job Evaluation
      7. Compensation: Market Pricing
      8. Compensation: Base Pay and Variable Pay
      9. Compensation: Building and Using Pay Structures
      10. Related Legislation: Benefits—Laws That Regulate, Govern, and Guide Optional Benefits Programs
      11. Related Legislation: Benefits—Laws That Created Mandatory and Optional Benefits Programs
      12. Optional Benefits Programs
      13. Chapter Summary
      14. Apply Your Knowledge
    7. Employee and Labor Relations
      1. Introduction
      2. Employee Relations/Labor Relations (ER/LR) Unifying Principle #1: EEO
      3. Employee Relations/Labor Relations (ER/LR) Unifying Principle #2: “Good Employee Relations Is Good Employee Relations”
      4. Related Legislation and Legal Systems/Concepts: Common Law and Individual Employee Rights
      5. Related Legislation: Labor History and Labor Relations
      6. Labor Relations: Understanding Unions and Union-Related Activities
      7. Collective Bargaining: The Process
      8. Collective Bargaining: The Agreements (CBAs)
      9. Contract Administration
      10. Chapter Summary
      11. Apply Your Knowledge
    8. Occupational Health, Safety, and Security
      1. Introduction
      2. Related Legislation: OHSS
      3. Occupational Health
      4. Safety
      5. Security
      6. Chapter Summary
      7. Apply Your Knowledge
      8. Suggested Readings and Resources
  8. Apply Your Knowledge
    1. Practice Exam
      1. Answers to Practice Exam
  9. Appendixes
    1. CD Contents and Installation Instructions
      1. Multiple Test Modes
      2. Random Questions and Order of Answers
      3. Detailed Explanations of Correct and Incorrect Answers
      4. Attention to Exam Objectives
      5. Installing the CD
      6. Technical Support
    2. Glossary
      1. Numbers
      2. A
      3. B
      4. C
      5. D
      6. E
      7. F
      8. G
      9. H
      10. I
      11. J
      12. K–L
      13. M
      14. N
      15. O
      16. P
      17. Q
      18. R
      19. S
      20. T
      21. U
      22. V
      23. W–X
      24. Y–Z
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: PHR Exam Prep™
  • Author(s): Cathy Lee Gibson
  • Release date: December 2005
  • Publisher(s): Pearson IT Certification
  • ISBN: 9780789734501