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PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Deluxe Study Guide

Book Description

Comprehensive PHR/SPHR exam preparation, featuring interactive learning environment

PHR/SPHR Professionals in Human Resources Certification Deluxe Study Guide is the number-one preparation resource for these premier Human Resources certifications. Fully updated to align with the latest versions of these challenging exams, this guide provides detailed coverage of key topics, including strategic management, workforce planning and employment, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, and OSHA regulations. The interactive learning environment provides additional study tools that help reinforce your understanding, including electronic flashcards, ancillary PDFs, workbook templates, and chapter exercises. Bonus PHR and SPHR practice exams allow you to test your knowledge and get a feel for the tests, so you can review what's needed and avoid exam day surprises.

The PHR and SPHR certifications, offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), have become the industry standard for determining competence in the HR field. This helpful guide gives you everything you need to fully prepare for these exams, so you can demonstrate your knowledge when it counts and pass with flying colors.

  • Refresh your understanding of key functional areas

  • Practice the practical with workbook templates

  • Test your knowledge with flashcards and exercises

  • Preview exam day with bonus practice exams

  • If you're looking to showcase your skills and understanding of the HR function, PHR/SPHR Professionals in Human Resources Certification Deluxe Study Guide is your ideal resource for PHR/SPHR preparation.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Authors
      1. About the Technical Editors
    7. Contents at a Glance
    8. Contents
    9. Introduction
      1. About Human Resource Certification
      2. Why Become Certified?
      3. How This Book Is Organized
      4. How to Use This Book and the Test Bank
      5. HRCI Test Specifications
    10. Assessment Test
      1. Answers to Assessment Test
    11. Chapter 1: Certifying Human Resource Professionals
      1. The Human Resource Profession
      2. Development of the Human Resource Body of Knowledge
      3. Defining the Functional Areas of the BOK
      4. The Test
      5. Summary
    12. Chapter 2: Core Knowledge Requirements for HR Professionals
      1. Needs Assessment and Analysis
      2. Third-Party Contract Management
      3. Communication Skills and Strategies
      4. Documentation Requirements
      5. Adult Learning Processes and Learning Styles
      6. Motivation Concepts
      7. Leadership Concepts
      8. Project Management Concepts
      9. Diversity Concepts
      10. Human Relations Concepts
      11. HR Ethics and Professional Standards
      12. Human Resource Technology
      13. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
      14. Change Management
      15. Job Analysis and Description
      16. Employee Records Management
      17. Interrelationships Among HR Activities
      18. Organizational Structures
      19. Environmental Scanning Concepts
      20. Employee Attitude Assessment
      21. Basic Budgeting and Accounting
      22. Risk Management
      23. Summary
      24. Exam Essentials
      25. Review Questions
    13. Chapter 3: Business Management and Strategy
      1. Organizations
      2. Strategy
      3. Strategic Management
      4. Legislative and Regulatory Processes
      5. Corporate Governance
      6. HR Metrics: Measuring Results
      7. Global Considerations
      8. Summary
      9. Exam Essentials
      10. Review Questions
    14. Chapter 4: Workforce Planning and Employment
      1. Federal Employment Legislation
      2. Strategic Workforce Planning
      3. Staffing Programs
      4. Organization Exit/Off-Boarding Processes
      5. Metrics: Measuring Results
      6. Global Considerations
      7. Summary
      8. Exam Essentials
      9. Review Questions
    15. Chapter 5: Human Resource Development
      1. Federal Employment Legislation
      2. Organization Development
      3. Talent Management
      4. Performance-Management Programs
      5. Performance Appraisal
      6. Unique Employee Needs
      7. Metrics: Measuring Results
      8. Global Considerations
      9. Summary
      10. Exam Essentials
      11. Review Questions
    16. Chapter 6: Compensation and Benefits
      1. Total Rewards Defined
      2. Compensation
      3. Benefits
      4. Payroll
      5. Communicating Compensation and Benefits Programs
      6. Executive Compensation
      7. Metrics: Measuring Results
      8. Global Considerations
      9. Summary
      10. Exam Essentials
      11. Review Questions
    17. Chapter 7: Employee and Labor Relations
      1. Federal Employment Legislation
      2. Employee Relations
      3. Dispute Resolution
      4. Labor Relations
      5. Union Organization
      6. Union Avoidance Strategies
      7. Metrics: Measuring Results
      8. Global Considerations
      9. Summary
      10. Exam Essentials
      11. Review Questions
    18. Chapter 8: Risk Management
      1. Risk Identification
      2. Risk Assessment
      3. Risk Management
      4. Metrics: Measuring Results
      5. Global Considerations
      6. Summary
      7. Exam Essentials
      8. Review Questions
    19. Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions
      1. Chapter 2 : Core Knowledge Requirements for HR Professionals
      2. Chapter 3 : Business Management and Strategy
      3. Chapter 4 : Workforce Planning and Employment
      4. Chapter 5 : Human Resource Development
      5. Chapter 6 : Compensation and Benefits
      6. Chapter 7 : Employee and Labor Relations
      7. Chapter 8 : Risk Management
    20. Appendix B: Case Study: Where the Green Glass Grows
      1. The Company
      2. The Customer
      3. Exercises
      4. Answer Key and Additional Exercise
    21. Appendix C: Federal Employment Legislation and Case Law
      1. Legislation and Case Law Summary
      2. Additional Cases
    22. Appendix D: Resources
      1. Business Management and Strategy
      2. Workforce Planning and Employment
      3. Human Resource Development
      4. Compensation and Benefits
      5. Employee and Labor Relations
      6. Risk Management
    23. Index