Chapter 12

You're Getting Warm: Thermodynamics

In This Chapter

arrow Converting between temperature scales

arrow Working with linear expansion

arrow Calculating volume expansion

arrow Using heat capacities

arrow Understanding latent heat

Thermodynamics is the study of heat. It's what comes into play when you drop an ice cube into a cup of hot tea and wait to see what happens — if the ice cube or the tea wins out.

In physics, you often run across questions that involve thermodynamics in all sorts of situations. This chapter refreshes your understanding of the topic and lets you put it to use with practice problems that address thermodynamics from all angles.

Converting between Temperature Scales

remember.eps You start working with questions of heat by establishing a scale for measuring temperature. The temperature scales that you work with in physics are Fahrenheit, Celsius (sometimes called centigrade), and Kelvin.

Fahrenheit ...

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