Headers, porting code – which micro

Arizona Microchip the manufacturers of the PIC Microcontroller make over 100 different types of microcontroller. How do we choose the correct one for the job?

Factors affecting the choice of the microcontroller

When deciding on which Microcontroller to use for your application there are a number of factors you will need to consider.

• How many inputs and outputs do you need. If you are using the program FLASHER.ASM which only flashes 1 LED on and off then any PIC will do this. If you are turning 8 outputs on and off then you will need a microcontroller that has at least 8 I/O (of course). So an 8pin micro i.e. 12F629 will not do because it only has 6 I/O.

• Do you need accurate timing? If so then you will ...

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