Understanding the headers

The 16F84

HEADER84.ASM The header for the 16F84.

Now that we have looked at a number of applications we are ready to understand HEADER84.ASM introduced in Chapter 2.

• The header starts with a title that includes the name of the file, this is useful when you are printing it out and details about what the program is doing.

;HEADER84.ASM for 16F84. This sets PORTA as an INPUT (NB 1
; means input) and PORTB as an OUTPUT
; (NB 0 means output). The OPTION
; register is set to /256 to give timing pulses
; of 1/32 of a second.
; 1second and 0.5 second delays are
; included in the subroutine section.


• The EQUATES section tells the software what numbers your ...

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