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Picture Yourself Going Green: Step-by-Step Instruction for Living a Budget-Conscious, Earth-Friendly Lifestyle in Eight Weeks or Less

Book Description

Are you looking for simple, budget-friendly ways to help you and your family live a healthier, more planet-friendly lifestyle? Picture Yourself Going Green: Step-by-Step Instruction for Living a Budget-Conscious, Earth-Friendly Lifestyle in Eight Weeks or Less provides you with uncomplicated solutions to help you conserve, reduce, reuse, recycle, and, thus, minimize our impact on the planet. You'll discover that even small changes make a difference and that going green is good for our health, the planet, and even our budgets. This book starts off with ten quick and simple changes that will green your lifestyle immediately; you can then follow an eight-week plan that will green everything from your energy use, transportation, and food choices to your wardrobe, beauty supplies, and travel. As you work through the suggestions and changes in the book, you'll find that simple efforts like turning off lights that aren't in use, carpooling to work, notching the thermostat down one degree, and taking a shorter shower can be beneficial to your family and the planet. Featuring simple instructions and a colorful layout full of pictures and illustrations, Picture Yourself Going Green is packed with helpful eco facts, tips, and ideas to help you along in your journey to become green.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
  5. 1. What Is Green?
    1. Green Is Necessary
    2. Green Is Inspiring
    3. Green Is Healthy
    4. Green Is Affordable
    5. Green Is the Future
  6. 2. Ten Simple Steps
    1. 1. Recycle
      1. A Whole Lot of Rubbish
      2. Toss It in the Bin
    2. 2. Install Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
    3. 3. Drink from a Reusable Water Bottle
    4. 4. Tote a Reusable Shopping Bag
    5. 5. Buy Green Power
    6. 6. Buy Carbon Offsets
    7. 7. Add Organic Food into Your Diet
      1. What Is Organic?
      2. Where Can You Find Organic Foods?
    8. 8. Take a Five-Minute Shower
    9. 9. Unplug at Home
      1. What to Power Down
    10. 10. Plant a Tree
  7. 3. Week One: Green Your Home
    1. The Air We Breathe
    2. Clean Up Your Act
    3. Making Your Own Green Cleaners
    4. Waste Not: The Problem with Trash
    5. Waste Not: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
      1. Reduce
      2. Reuse
      3. Recycle
    6. Becoming Paper Savvy
    7. Using Recycled Paper Products
    8. Becoming Water Conscious
    9. Conserving Water
    10. Greening Your Home Office
    11. Green Review: Changes to Focus on During Week One
    12. TrueGreen: More Smart Ideas for the Home
      1. Buying Green Linens
    13. SuperGreen: More Big Ideas for the Home
      1. Eco-conscious Renovating
  8. 4. Week Two: Green Your Energy
    1. The History of Energy
    2. How We Use Energy
    3. The Pros and Cons of Conventional Energy Sources
    4. The Thing About Clean Power
    5. Buying Clean Power Locally
    6. Switching to CFLs
    7. The One-Degree Difference
    8. Powering Down
    9. Offsetting Your Energy Use
    10. Green Review: Things to Do During Week Two
    11. TrueGreen: Go with ENERGY STAR
    12. SuperGreen: Perform an Energy Audit
  9. 5. Week Three: Green Your Appetite
    1. The Pesticide Proliferation
    2. Pesticides and the Environment
    3. Going Organic
    4. The Most Bang for Your Organic Buck
    5. Moving Over to Organic Milk
    6. Buying Green Eggs and Ham
    7. Fishy Business
    8. Buying Safer Seafood
    9. Buying Locally Grown Food
    10. Shopping at the Farmer’s Market
    11. Drinking Clean Water
    12. Green Review: Changes to Focus on During Week Three
    13. TrueGreen: Joining a CSA
    14. SuperGreen: Take the Challenge
  10. 6. Week Four: Green Your Yard
    1. The Problem with Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Pesticides
    2. Using Sustainable Lawn and Garden Practices
    3. Building Strong Soil
    4. Using Holistic Pest Management
    5. Employing Natural Weed Control
    6. Water Use in the Yard
    7. Conserving Water
    8. Green Review: Changes to Focus on During Week Four
    9. TrueGreen: Learning to Compost
    10. TrueGreen: Which Items Can You Compost?
    11. SuperGreen: Converting to a Push or Electric Mower
  11. 7. Week Five: Green Your Wardrobe
    1. Pesticides Aren’t Just for Food Crops
    2. What Is Genetically Engineered Cotton?
    3. Adding Organic Cotton Into Your Closet
    4. Clothing Production, Chemicals, and Your Health
    5. Choosing Earth-Friendly Fabrics
      1. The Beauty of Bamboo
      2. Hallowed Hemp
      3. The Power of Wool
    6. Choosing Recycled Clothing
    7. The Green Style Movement
    8. Buying Green Accessories
    9. Green Review: Changes to Focus on During Week Five
    10. TrueGreen: Choosing a Green Dry Cleaner
    11. SuperGreen: Buying Fine Jewelry with a Conscience
  12. 8. Week Six: Green Is Beautiful
    1. Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep
    2. Do Some Housecleaning in the Bathroom
      1. 10 Key Ingredients to Avoid
    3. Reading Ingredient Labels Before You Buy
    4. Switching to “Green” Personal Care Products
      1. Lathering Up
      2. Brushing Up
      3. Sweat Equity
      4. Protecting Safely
      5. Moisturizing Naturally
      6. Accentuating Beautifully
    5. Green Review: Changes to Focus on During Week Six
    6. TrueGreen: Monitoring Your Fluoride Levels
    7. SuperGreen: Whipping Up Homemade Products
  13. 9. Week Seven: Green Your Transportation
    1. Why Carbon Emissions Matter
    2. The World’s Waning Oil Supply
    3. Driving for Better Gas Mileage
    4. Fine-Tuning for Better Gas Mileage
    5. Considering Alternative Modes of Transportation
      1. Telecommuting
      2. Carpooling and Hopping on Public Transit
      3. Biking to Work
    6. Green Review: Things to Do During Week Seven
    7. TrueGreen: Offsetting Your Emissions
    8. SuperGreen: Buying a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
  14. 10. Week Eight: Green Your Travel
    1. How Does Travel Tax the Planet?
    2. Considering a Staycation
    3. Embracing Slow Travel
    4. Choosing Ecotourism
    5. Supporting Green Businesses When You Travel
    6. Green Review: Things to Do During Week Eight
    7. TrueGreen: Buying Carbon Offsets
    8. SuperGreen: Booking a Volunteer Vacation
  15. 11. Extra Credit: Eco Kids and Green Pets
    1. Why Should Kids Be Green, Too?
      1. Greening Your Children
    2. In Utero: What to Avoid When You’re Expecting
    3. Creating a Healthy Nursery or Bedroom
    4. Buying Safer Toys
    5. Teaching Kids to Love and Respect the Planet
    6. How Conventional Pet Products Affect Pets... and Us
    7. Choosing Natural Pet Food Options
    8. Using Safer Flea Controls
    9. Selecting Safer Cat Litter
    10. Green Review: How to Green Your Kids and Pets
  16. 12. Five Ways to Go ÜberGreen
    1. Become an Activist
    2. Get a Green Collar Job
    3. Buy a Hybrid or an Electric Vehicle
      1. The Scoop on Hybrids
      2. The Deal with EVs
    4. Inspire—or Move to—a Transition Community
    5. Buy, Build, or Remodel a Green Home
      1. Green Review: Ways to Go ÜberGreen
  17. Glossary