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Picture Yourself Learning Corel® PaintShop® Pro X5

Book Description

Whether you're new to digital image editing, new to PaintShop Pro, or switching to PaintShop Pro from another image editor, this fun and easy-to-use book will guide you every step of the way. PICTURE YOURSELF LEARNING COREL PAINTSHOP PRO X5 will help you quickly develop your photo- and image-editing chops using this powerful but inexpensive software. Whether you're just out for fun-retouching family photos, displaying your creativity on your Web page or social media platform-or you're looking to create business graphics and increase your value in the workplace, this book teaches you what you need to know. The popular PICTURE YOURSELF step-by-step visual format is the fun way to learn a new skill. With detailed pictures showing you just what to do at every stage, learning the ins and outs of editing digital images has never been simpler. With your images, your imagination, and a copy of PICTURE YOURSELF LEARNING COREL PAINTSHOP PRO X5 in hand, you'll be creating beautiful work in no time.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Getting Acquainted
    1. Getting Started
    2. Understanding Digital Workflow
    3. Viewing the Screen
    4. Modifying the Screen Appearance
    5. Setting PaintShop Pro Preferences
    6. Using the Help System
  9. 2 Working with PaintShop Pro Files
    1. Working with Files
  10. 3 Becoming More Organized
    1. Working in the Organizer
    2. Searching for Images
    3. Using Tags
    4. Recognizing Faces
    5. Applying Editing to Multiple Photos
    6. Creating Trays
    7. Working in Batches
    8. Making Backups
  11. 4 Making Selections
    1. Working with Selection Tools
    2. Modifying Selections
    3. Using a Selection
  12. 5 Making Quick Fixes
    1. Playing It Safe
    2. One Step Photo Fix
    3. Smart Photo Fix
    4. Identifying the Enhancement Tools
    5. Making Minor Retouches
    6. Discovering the Object Extractor
    7. Manipulating Images
    8. Using the Learning Center
  13. 6 Manually Editing Images
    1. Using PaintShop Pro Dialog Boxes
    2. Photo Improvement Steps
    3. Working with RAW Files
    4. Using Photo Blend
  14. 7 Understanding Color
    1. Describing Color
    2. Viewing Common Color Problems
    3. Working with Materials
    4. Reviewing Other Color-Related Features
  15. 8 Developing Layers
    1. Understanding Layers
    2. Using the Layers Palette
    3. Understanding Grouping and Merging
    4. Adding Adjustment Layers
    5. Masking with Layers
    6. Blending Layers
    7. Being Creative with Layers
  16. 9 Adding Effects, Filters, and Deformations
    1. Working with Blur
    2. Reviewing Effects and Filters
    3. Discovering the Effect Browser
    4. Using the Instant Effects Palette
    5. Using the Retro Lab
    6. Understanding Plug-Ins
    7. Inventing Image Imagery
  17. 10 Discovering Drawing Tools
    1. Identifying the Tools
    2. Discovering the Drawing Tool Options
    3. Viewing Your Work
  18. 11 Constructing Vector Objects
    1. Understanding Vector Versus Raster Graphics
    2. Drawing Vector Shapes
    3. Adding Vector Lines
    4. Managing Vector Graphics
  19. 12 Editing Vector Objects
    1. Understanding Vector Terms
    2. Working with Nodes
    3. Working with Curves and Contours
    4. Converting Vectors
  20. 13 Working with Text
    1. Creating Text
    2. Editing Text
    3. Defloating Text
    4. Deleting Text Objects
    5. Wrapping Text
  21. 14 Printing and Sharing Images
    1. Understanding Resolution
    2. Manipulating Image Size
    3. Determining Printing Options
    4. Printing with PaintShop Pro
    5. Emailing Images
    6. Posting Images
  22. 15 Creating Panoramas and 3-D Photos
    1. Creating a Panorama
    2. Making 3-Dimensional Images
  23. 16 Making Digital Scrapbooks
    1. Scrapbooking the Digital Way
    2. Discovering Scrapbooking Components
    3. Creating a Scrapbook Page
    4. Working with Picture Frames
  24. A Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Tool and Menu Shortcuts
  25. B Exploring Useful Websites
  26. Glossary
  27. Index