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Picture Yourself Making Creative Movies with Corel® VideoStudio Pro® X5

Book Description

Whether you're new to video editing, new to VideoStudio, or switching to VideoStudio from another digital video editor, this fun and easy-to-use book will guide you every step of the way. PICTURE YOURSELF MAKING CREATIVE MOVIES WITH COREL VIDEOSTUDIO X5 will help you quickly develop your editing chops using this powerful but inexpensive software. Before long, it will look as though you've been crafting top-notch digital videos and DVDs for years. Whether you're just out for fun—uploading videos to the Web, entertaining family and friends—or you're looking to develop your skills and increase your value in the workplace, this book teaches you what you need to know. The popular PICTURE YOURSELF step-by-step visual format is a great way to learn a new skill. With detailed pictures showing you just what to do at every stage, learning the ins and outs of editing digital video has never been simpler. With your video camera, your imagination, and a copy of PICTURE YOURSELF MAKING CREATIVE MOVIES WITH COREL VIDEOSTUDIO X5 in hand, you'll be inspired to create better movies than ever.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Videography Basics
    1. What Kind of Video Camera Is Good Enough?
    2. What Kind of Media and Features Can I Include in My Movies?
    3. How to Get the Best Results Before You Edit
    4. Getting Your Video Clips onto Your Computer
    5. Backing Up Your Video Clips
    6. Comparing Video File Formats
    7. Quick Quiz
  9. 2 Getting Started
    1. The History of VideoStudio
    2. Getting the Book’s Lesson Files
    3. Rules to Live By
    4. Installing VideoStudio Pro X5
    5. Launching VideoStudio Pro X5
    6. Help, The Corel Guide, Additional Content
    7. Quick Quiz
  10. 3 Introduction to VideoStudio Pro X5
    1. VideoStudio Moviemaking Terminology
    2. Touring the VSX5 Workspace
    3. Customizing Your Workspace
    4. Steps 1, 2, and 3: Capture, Edit, and Share
    5. Content Libraries
    6. The Preview Panel
    7. Multitrack Timeline
    8. Saving Your Movie
    9. Quick Quiz
  11. 4 Building a Video 101
    1. Setting Up Project Properties
    2. Adding New Content
    3. Editing Video Clips
    4. Using Still Images
    5. Quick Quiz
  12. 5 Video by Numbers with Instant Projects
    1. Setting Up an Instant Project
    2. Creating a Custom Slideshow with an Instant Project
    3. Creating a Custom Movie with an Instant Project
    4. Reusing Your Custom Instant Project
    5. Quick Quiz
  13. 6 Making Some Noise with Audio
    1. Managing Audio Tracks
    2. Adding Audio
    3. Editing Audio in the Main Timeline View
    4. Editing Audio in the Sound Mixer
    5. Applying Audio Filters
    6. Exporting Audio-Only Files
    7. Quick Quiz
  14. 7 Keeping It Unique with Video Effects
    1. Adding Transitions
    2. Adding Overlays (Picture-In-Picture)
    3. Pan & Zoom Effects
    4. Adding Embellishments
    5. Applying a Chroma Key Effect
    6. Applying a Mask Effect
    7. Exporting Selective Tracks
    8. Quick Quiz
  15. 8 Chemistry Experiments with Video Filters
    1. Using Keyframes
    2. AutoSketch Filter
    3. Lensflare Filter
    4. Picture-In-Picture Filter
    5. Old Film Filter
    6. Applying Multiple Filters
    7. Quick Quiz
  16. 9 Making Statements with Titles
    1. Title Rules
    2. Creating a Single Title
    3. Creating Multiple Titles
    4. Customizing Your Own Titles
    5. Adding Title Effects
    6. Using Sample Titles
    7. Using Titles in Overlay Tracks
    8. Creating a Star Wars–Type Title
    9. Creating and Using Subtitles
    10. Quick Quiz
  17. 10 Getting Your Monet on with the Painting Creator
    1. What Is the Painting Creator?
    2. Setup for Using the Painting Creator
    3. Creating and Applying Painting Creations
    4. Quick Quiz
  18. 11 Screen Capturing for e-Learning
    1. Exploring the World of e-Learning
    2. Using VSX5 for e-Learning
    3. Setting Up a Screen Capture
    4. Recording Your Screen
    5. Editing Your Screen Recording
    6. Creating a Multilanguage Project
    7. Sharing Your First Movie
    8. Quick Quiz
  19. 12 Web Authoring in HTML5 and VSX5
    1. What Is HTML5?
    2. Setting Up Your HTML5 Project
    3. Using an HTML5 Template
    4. Outputting an HTML5 Movie
    5. Creating an HTML5 Movie from Scratch
    6. Quick Quiz
  20. 13 Stop-Motion Animation and Time-Lapse Photography
    1. What Is Time-Lapse Photography?
    2. Creating a Time-Lapse Effect
    3. Creating a Strobe Effect from a Time-Lapse Sequence
    4. Creating a Strobe Effect from an Existing Video
    5. What Is Stop-Motion Animation?
    6. Stop Motion in VSX5
    7. Quick Quiz
  21. 14 Advanced Features
    1. Creating a Custom Mask Frame
    2. Saving Time with Batch Conversion
    3. Creating a Smart Package
    4. The Smart Proxy Manager
    5. Using the Movie Template Manager
    6. 60P/50P Editing
    7. Quick Quiz
  22. 15 Sharing Your Videos
    1. Finishing Your Movie
    2. Creating a Video File
    3. Creating a Video File of a Portion of the Project
    4. Using the MPEG Optimizer
    5. Creating a Sound File
    6. Creating a Disc
    7. Exporting to a Mobile Device
    8. Project Playback
    9. DV and HDV Recordings
    10. Uploading to the Web
    11. Exporting to 3D
    12. Quick Quiz
  23. 16 Creating a Standard DVD
    1. What Are Your DVD Options?
    2. Adding DVD Media
    3. DVD Menu & Preview
    4. DVD Output
    5. Creating DVD Disc Labels
    6. Creating and Copying a Disc Image File
    7. Quick Quiz
  24. 17 Creating an HD DVD
    1. AVCHD Explained
    2. Blu-ray Explained
    3. Creating an AVCHD Disc
    4. Choosing a Blu-ray File Type
    5. Creating a Blu-ray Disc
    6. Creating a Blu-ray-J Disc
    7. Quick Quiz
  25. 18 The DV-to-DVD Wizard
    1. Deciding When to Use the DV-to-DVD Wizard
    2. Connecting Your Video Source
    3. Scanning Your Content
    4. Choosing Which Content to Use
    5. Formatting Your DVD
    6. Burning Your DVD
    7. Quick Quiz
  26. Appendix A VSX5 Keyboard Shortcuts
  27. Appendix B Exploring Useful Websites
  28. Index