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Picture Yourself Playing Cello: Step-by-Step Instruction for Playing the Cello

Book Description

If you want to play the cello, this book is for you! Whether you're an absolute beginner wondering whether it might be fun to rent an instrument to try it out, a student in school who is thinking of signing up for an orchestra class, or a budding cellist who has been playing for a year or two and is looking for ways to develop a better technique and a better sound, PICTURE YOURSELF PLAYING CELLO will provide practical, hands-on advice that you can use. The easy-to-follow instructions and the numerous pictures and diagrams will show you how to hold the cello, how to use the bow, and how to finger the strings to play music. The book begins by providing a wealth of information that you'll find useful as you get started. You'll learn the names of the parts of your cello, how to make sure the cello you're thinking of renting or buying is in good condition, how to tune the cello, how to replace the strings, and how to hold the instrument while playing. You'll also learn about cello accessories and how to care for your instrument. After the basics are covered, the book will teach you how to use the bow to produce full, satisfying tones, how to place your fingers to play different notes, and how to read sheet music. Lastly, you'll find a selection of easy songs to get you started and some suggestions for other cello music that you may want to try. Everything you need to get started playing the cello is covered!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
    1. What You’ll Find in This Book
    2. Who This Book Is For
    3. How to Use the DVD
      1. DVD-ROM Downloads
    4. A Few Words of Advice
    5. Do You Need Lessons from a Teacher?
  5. Quick Start
  6. 1. Your Cello
    1. The Parts of the Cello
      1. The Scroll and Pegs
      2. The Fingerboard, Neck, and Bridge
      3. The Tailpiece and End Pin
      4. The Body
      5. The Bow
    2. Selecting a Cello and Bow
      1. Choosing the Right Cello Size
      2. Check List
    3. Equipment You Will Need
      1. Rosin
      2. Case
      3. Electronic Tuner
      4. Music Stand
      5. End Pin Holder
      6. Metronome
      7. Extra Strings
      8. Fingerboard Tape
      9. Mute
      10. Wolf Suppressor
      11. Humidifier
    4. How to Put On New Strings
  7. 2. Getting Ready
    1. The Cello Chair
    2. Positioning the Cello
    3. Tuning Your Cello
      1. Using an Electronic Tuner
      2. On the DVD: Tuning
      3. Tuning to a Piano
      4. Tuning by Fifths
      5. Tuning by Harmonics
      6. Large Adjustments with the Pegs
      7. About Tuning and Intonation
    4. Taking Good Care of Your Cello
      1. Setting Down the Cello and Bow
      2. Loosening and Tightening the Bow
      3. Cleaning the Cello
      4. Using a Soft Case
      5. Carrying the Cello
      6. Simple Repairs You Can Make Yourself
        1. Adjusting the Bridge
        2. Tight or Loose Pegs
      7. Repairs That Should Be Done by a Qualified Technician
        1. Rehairing the Bow
        2. Soundpost and Bass Bar Problems
        3. New Bridge
  8. 3. How to Use the Bow
    1. Applying Rosin
    2. Holding the Bow
      1. On the DVD: Holding the Bow
      2. The Bow Hold Using a Pencil
      3. How Not to Hold the Bow
    3. Moving the Bow
      1. The Sounding Point
      2. On the DVD: Moving the Bow, Part I
      3. Down-Bow and Up-Bow
      4. The Regions of the Bow
      5. The Angles of the Bow
      6. Moving from One String to Another
      7. Using the Right Arm and Shoulder
      8. Bow Speed and Pressure
      9. On the DVD: Moving the Bow, Part II
      10. Speed Variations
      11. Playing Loudly and Softly
    4. A Bowing Checklist
    5. The Flexible Right Hand
      1. On the DVD: Moving the Bow, Part II
    6. Slurs
    7. Staccato
    8. Playing Pizzicato
    9. Advanced Bowing Techniques
      1. Playing Double-Stops and Chords
      2. On the DVD: Advanced Bowing Techniques
      3. Col Legno
      4. Tremolo
    10. Bowing Exercises
      1. Exercise 3.1
      2. Exercise 3.2
      3. Exercise 3.3
      4. Exercise 3.4
      5. Exercise 3.5
      6. Exercise 3.6
      7. Exercise 3.7
  9. 4. Fingering with the Left Hand
    1. The Arched Shape of the Left Hand
      1. On the DVD: The Left Hand, Part I
      2. The Guitar Player’s Deformity
    2. The Left Arm, Wrist, and Elbow
      1. The Left Hand Death Grip
    3. Numbering the Fingers
      1. The Other Fingers
    4. Playing in Tune
      1. Fingerboard Tape
    5. Vibrato
      1. On the DVD: The Left Hand, Part II
    6. The Extended Hand Shape
      1. On the DVD: The Left Hand, Part II
    7. Shifting to Other Positions
      1. On the DVD: The Left Hand, Part II
      2. The Numbering of the Positions
      3. Half-Position
      4. Position and Finger Numbers in Sheet Music
    8. Advanced Techniques
      1. Trills
      2. Double-Stops
      3. Harmonics
      4. Thumb Position
    9. Fingering Exercises
      1. Exercise 4.1
      2. Exercise 4.2
      3. Exercise 4.3
      4. Exercise 4.4
      5. Exercise 4.5
      6. Exercise 4.6
      7. Exercise 4.7
  10. 5. Reading Music
    1. The Musical Alphabet
    2. The Staff and Bass Clef
      1. Ledger Lines
    3. Sharps, Flats, and Naturals
    4. Learning Intervals
      1. Major, Minor, Perfect, Augmented, Diminished
    5. Chords
    6. Key Signatures
    7. Keys and Scales
      1. Minor Keys
    8. Finding the Cello’s Notes on the Staff
    9. Note Rhythm Values
      1. Repeated Single Notes
    10. Rests
    11. Time Signatures
      1. Pickup Notes
      2. Counting
      3. Tempo
      4. Dots and Ties
      5. Triplets
      6. Grace Notes
    12. Other Marks on the Page
      1. Dynamics
      2. Articulations
      3. Repeats
      4. Tenor and Treble Clef
      5. A Glossary of Musical Italian
  11. 6. Music You Can Play
    1. Tips for Practicing
    2. Bow Direction and Counting
    3. “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”
    4. “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”
    5. “Long, Long Ago”
    6. “Joy to the World”
    7. “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
    8. “Oh, Susanna”
    9. “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair”
    10. “Ode to Joy”
    11. “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”
    12. “Turkey in the Straw”
    13. “Home on the Range”
    14. “Blues in G”
    15. “William Tell Overture”
    16. “The Entertainer”
    17. Suggested Method Books
  12. 7. Happily Ever After...
    1. What’s Next?
    2. The Cello Literature
    3. Playing with Other Musicians
    4. How to Find a Good Teacher
    5. Famous Cellists
      1. Pablo Casals (1876–1973)
      2. Yo-Yo Ma (1955–)
      3. Mstislav Rostropovich (1927–2007)
      4. Jacqueline du Pré (1945–1987)
      5. Luigi Boccherini (1743–1805)
      6. Gregor Piatigorsky (1903–1976)
      7. Jacques Offenbach (1819–1880)