Chapter 6

The Power of Pictures

How to Create Compelling Visual Business Content

Therapist Tamara Suttle, LPC, (@tamaragsuttle) had a problem. She works with new therapists, many of them completely inexperienced, and she wanted to show them ways to create a warm, welcoming therapist’s office. Many of these therapists are just getting started in establishing their practices, and have never had to set up a therapist’s office before—some have never even set foot in one!

“You need to think about the impact your office has on your clients,” Suttle told them. “It’s a very important first impression.” But while the terms “warm” and “inviting” are easy to say, they are much more difficult to pull off in terms of designing the environment in a real-life office setting. And it’s hard to find the words to describe what a “welcoming office” looks like. So when Suttle started using Pinterest, she saw an incredible opportunity.

She started pinning resources about waiting rooms and office spaces, and quickly amassed a large collection of ideas and suggestions about the topic on her “Private Practice from the Inside Out” board. She’s used that board to pin everything from flavored water recipes (courtesy of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver) to example images of actual therapists’ offices. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of inspiration for therapists who are seeking ways to set up their very first therapeutic space. And Suttle communicates her expert advice beautifully through the power of pictures.

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