Chapter 11

Expanding Your Reach

How to Use Contests, Discussion Boards, Customer Testimonials, User-Generated Content, and Video Galleries to Get More Followers

So far, we’ve talked about the process of growing your Pinterest following by publishing great pins and boards, and taking good care of the followers you’ve brought to your Pinterest account. But there is a huge variety of other ideas for using Pinterest for marketing—ideas that I would call black belt, or more advanced, techniques. These ideas are for marketers who are comfortable with the basics of Pinterest and would like to expand their reach to get more followers, drive higher sales, and increase their customer engagement. You can pick and choose from the suggestions I make in this section, and implement the ideas that work for you. This is not meant to be a checklist; and not all of these ideas work in every situation. Once again, this section is best used as a way to kick off your brainstorming process, and think about all the possibilities you have for making Pinterest’s visual content and social pinboards work for you.

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