Chapter 12

Mobile Pinning

If you want to pin on the go, the Pinterest iPhone app is for you. It makes logging into your Pinterest account, pinning, uploading photos, and account management quick and easy from your iPhone or iPod touch. (As of right now, Pinterest hasn’t developed an app for Android users, but I would bet that it will be in the works soon.)

Before we talk about specifics of using the Pinterest mobile application, it’s a good idea to remind yourself why you’re using Pinterest. As many of us know, nothing can suck energy from your marketing efforts quicker than a slick application that lets you waste seemingly endless amounts of time, while providing you very little return on investment, if you don’t use it consciously and carefully.

The Pinterest iPhone app can very quickly turn into a waste of time for you if you don’t remember why you’re using it and who you’re trying to reach with your pinning efforts. This might be a good time to revisit Chapter 3 to review your ideal client profiles. Remember what your marketing goals are before you even download the Pinterest app. It can help to (once again) ask yourself the following questions: Are you looking to grow your mailing list? Is your goal to create new and ongoing relationships with clients and potential clients? Do you want to increase interest and attendance at your live and virtual events? I’d even recommend putting your goals and ideal client profiles in a file on your phone. This way, you’ll have those goals ...

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