Becoming a Source of Valuable Information

The pinners behind Chobani yogurt’s Pinterest boards are smart cookies. The brand knows that merely pinning images from their own site isn’t the best use of their Pinterest presence. So instead, they create insightful boards and pins that they know their ideal clients will love.

Chobani (@chobani) maintains several different boards that feature a variety of recipes from many different websites and blogs. And while many of the recipes include yogurt as one of the ingredients, not all of them do. The yogurt company knows that their target audience (women, who do most of the grocery shopping) are always on the lookout for delicious and simple recipes to feed their hungry hoards at home. So instead of just pinning links from the Chobani website, they’re in the business of solving problems for their followers. Chobani also gets the opportunity to educate the public about their products, but that isn’t the main reason the yogurt company pins recipes.

In short, Chobani shares information and solves problems, without overtly selling.

Here’s an important news flash: No one actually cares about your products and services in and of themselves. People want to solve their problems, and that’s what they need or want your products and services for. Pinterest gives you the incredible opportunity to become a valued source of information to the folks you’re trying to reach. And if you view yourself as a source of information and ideas, rather than someone ...

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