Commenting in Pinterest works exactly the same way as it does in Facebook. You can leave a short reply under any user’s pin (or one of your own). Just click on the field under the pin that says, “Add a comment,” type your reply, and click on “Post Reply.”

When commenting, make sure you are adding something valuable to the conversation because a pin is the start of a conversation! (See Figure 5.1.) Whether you are the first commenter or the seventy-first, make sure you’re adding something interesting or useful to the discussion. Give an example, agree with the person’s point, disagree respectfully, or tell the person why you like their pin or board.

FIGURE 5.1 A Pinterest discussion in the comments area. Note that I tagged @Christina Gressianu (@photocg) in the comments.


The best analogy to keep in mind as you are commenting is that you’re like someone who’s joining a cocktail party. You wouldn’t interrupt a group of people talking just to give them a pushy sales offer; in the same way, you shouldn’t interrupt a conversation on Pinterest just to pitch your products and services. Just as it is on other social media sites—and in most marketing nowadays—over-promotion is frowned upon on Pinterest.

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