You can tag other Pinterest users in your comments if you’d like to mention them or recommend a particular pin to them. The way to do this is to type an @ symbol, then start typing the name of the person you want to tag. Pinterest will then provide a drop-down menu of users from which you can select.

Tagging is a great way to make recommendations to your current and potential clients about topics and pins you think they would enjoy. You can also ask them questions, find out about their experiences with your products, or just discover more about them and the kind of Pinterest content they enjoy. Remember that the goal is to build relationships with people, so use tagging strategically. Don’t be a pest!

You’ll receive an email when someone tags you in a Pinterest comment. This means that whoever wrote the comment wants to draw you into the conversation in some way; some people take it as an opportunity to connect with that person. So if you been tagged, find out if that user has a question or comment, and then reply to them!

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