Just as you can “Like” a status update, comment, or photo in Facebook, you can “Like” a pin in Pinterest. It’s a quick way of giving someone a thumbs-up for her content. When you Like a pin, you don’t post it to your followers the way you do when you repin something; instead, you’re just giving a little sign of approval. To Like a pin, just hover over that pin on your Pinterest home page, and you’ll see a Like button appear. Click on that button to give your approval!

You can feel free to use Likes generously—they’re a great way to connect with other users. Pinterest also keeps track of all your Likes; you can see them by clicking “Likes” on your Pinterest home page (it’s under your profile name). This feature allows you to go back and revisit pins you’ve Liked. This can be helpful if you later want to comment on a pin you’ve Liked, or embed the pin in a blog post. (We’ll talk in detail about how to embed pins in your blog posts in Chapter 9.)

I published a guest post on Copyblogger called “56 Ways to Promote Your Business on Pinterest,” in February of 2012, and the article got pinned like crazy. I Liked as many of those pins as I could, then commented on the pin to thank the pinner for their interest. I gained a lot of new followers this way, and found some great new pinners to follow, too!

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