The Pinterest Audience

You’ve likely heard by now that most of the current Pinterest user base is made up of women. While reports on the exact statistics differ, most researchers claim that approximately 60 percent of U.S. Pinterest users are female, most between 25 and 34 years old.

Yet there’s nothing inherently female-centric about the site; it is essentially an image-sharing service that lets people collect their favorite stuff from the web. At its onset, Pinterest happened to have caught on particularly well with a young female demographic group. But as the site continues to grow, there is no reason to believe it won’t also attract lots of men. It’s already starting to attract male gadget lovers and home improvement aficionados by the score.

Social Media Strategist Mike Street (@mikestreet), for example, manages a great collection of male-friendly pins on a board called “BroPin.” His board, which is a collaborative collage maintained by more than 35 men, includes over 800 images of clothing, cars, technology, and food that specifically appeal to guys. And Ben Golder (@beng), an ecological architecture design student from Barcelona who has nearly 200,000 followers, curates male-friendly boards about robotics and architecture.

Pinterest also has a growing user base in other parts of the world, and the gender mix in those countries is quite different from that in the U.S. For example, Pinterest gets about 200,000 unique visitors each month from the United Kingdom, and the majority ...

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