Social Media Strategy

It’s worth revisiting your existing social media strategy before you start integrating your Pinterest account with your other social media profiles. Keep in mind the principles we covered in Chapter 3 by asking specific questions like: Who do you want to attract to your business? How exactly can you do this? You want to keep your messaging and attraction strategies consistent across all your social media efforts.

So—what are you currently doing with your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to connect with clients and build relationships with them? Look at how you’re already gaining traction with your customers on these social media tools, and try to replicate those themes with your Pinterest efforts. Sending a haphazard message to your prospects is going to work against you rather than for you. So figure out what’s working in your social media activities—and what’s not—to decide how Pinterest fits in.

That said, you always want to show some personality in your pins! Travel blogger Jodi Ettenberg (@jodiettenberg) loves marshmallows, a fact she highlights on her Twitter and Pinterest profiles. She has a Pinterest board (which she co-curates with three other pinners) called “For Marshmallow Enthusiasts” that features funny, quirky, and delicious-looking images of the sugary treats (Figure 9.1). Jodi’s board completely works with her brand and her voice on the web, because her website and social media presence always features her delightful and open personality. ...

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