General Tips for Sharing Pins

Pinterest is structured in a way that allows you to Like (on Facebook), tweet, and email any pin—your own, or someone else’s. Just click on any individual pin within a board, and you’ll see a larger version of that pin. On the right side of the pin, you’ll see some of your social media sharing options for that pin.

You have the option to take any of the following actions for a pin:

  • LikeLike this pin on Facebook. Seemingly, using this option will publish a thumbnail of the pin to your Facebook followers (along with a link to the pin), however in my testing I’ve found that it doesn’t work consistently. You can see that you have Liked the post on Facebook when you look at the pin, but sometimes it doesn’t appear in your Facebook timeline.
  • TweetTweets a link to the pin via your Twitter account. Includes the pin description in the tweet (or at least as much of the description as will fit into 140 characters—after that, Twitter truncates the description).
  • EmbedAllows you to embed this pin within a blog post or web page. We’ll talk more about this later in this chapter.
  • ReportReports the pin to Pinterest for review. Tells Pinterest that this pin is inappropriate or violates the site’s copyright rules.
  • EmailLets you email someone a link to this pin.

The ability to take these actions with any pin already gives you many options for sharing that pin to your other social media accounts. If you see a piece of content on Pinterest that would be interesting ...

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