Use Pinterest to Help You Work with Current Clients

Pinterest has lots of potential for not only helping you get new leads, but making your life easier when working with current clients. These ideas will help you connect with people who have already purchased your products and services—and encourage them to continue to do so.

Create Quick-Start Guides or Owner’s Manual Boards

Pinterest allows you to present your product documentation online in a way that new clients can easily access. Keep in mind that people who are purchasing your product for the first time may be a bit uncertain; therefore, you want to make this documentation fun and easy to read or watch.

If you’re primarily a service provider, you can create a “How to Get the Most Out of Working with Me” board with ideas and suggestions on maximizing your service relationship.

Spotlight the Ways Your Customers Use Your Products

For example, a clothing store or specialty boutique might take pictures of customers wearing outfits put together from their store. You could develop a whole board of customer photos like this; then make sure to link to those customers’ Pinterest accounts in the description of the pin. The owner of Thad and Louise Boutique (@stetsonkpatton) in Hickory, North Carolina, is doing a great job with this technique (Figure 11.3).

FIGURE 11.3 Boutique owner Stetson Patton (@stetsonkpatton) created this board to show off her boutique customers in their favorite outfits.

Create Custom “Vision Boards” for New ...

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