B2B Companies

PediaStaff, a national staffing firm that recruits and places pediatric therapists, is an unusual Pinterest success story. PediaStaff’s clients are schools, hospitals, and clinics, and the organization’s mission is to provide the very best qualified staff for their customers. PediaStaff is a great example of a business-to-business company that is thriving by using Pinterest marketing to foster relationships and build trust.

The company’s team members use its Pinterest account to stay in touch with potential recruits and clients on an ongoing basis. They’ve found success in Pinterest marketing by using a creative mix of targeted visual content, interactive discussion boards, and consistent linking of Pinterest images back to its main website.

Based on their experiences on LinkedIn and Facebook over several years, PediaStaff has learned the value of sharing content as a way to build and nurture community, and develop relationships with potential customers and job seekers. They brought this same smart content-marketing mindset to Pinterest when they started using it.

As a quick refresher, content marketing, (which we first discussed in Chapter 6) means “creating and freely sharing informative content as a means of converting prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.”2

PediaStaff actually has two audiences they need to reach with Pinterest. They have to connect with the hospitals and clinics who are their main customers, but they also need to build relationships ...

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