What Does Your Ideal Client Want?

Now that you’ve defined your ideal client and found out as much about him or her as you can, you have a much clearer position from which to start when you set up your Pinterest account.

Your pins and boards will be much more appealing to your target audience if you focus on your ideal client while you’re pinning. Think about these various buyer personas when you’re deciding whether or not to pin an image or video. Ask yourself, “Would my ideal client find this useful, educational, entertaining, or inspiring?” If the answer is yes, pin away! If not, keep looking for something that does fit into one of these categories.

The brand Pretzel Crisps (@PretzelCrisps) does a beautiful job of speaking to their ideal clients with their Pinterest boards. This smart snack company not only uses their pins to supply great ways to use their product (appetizers, dips, etc.), but, they have also loaded up their boards with other images and ideas that their followers and fans love. They even have a board called “Genius,” which is filled with smart and clever ideas for homes and offices. Their content is appealing to the customers they’re trying to reach because Pretzel Crisps knows exactly who they are looking to connect with.

Another example of a company that’s using smart Pinterest strategy is the AARP (@AARP_Official). Although this membership association is new to Pinterest, they’ve already got a good start—they have cleverly-named boards that reach out to their ...

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