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Pinhole Photography, 4th Edition

Book Description

A respected guide for creatives, artists and photographers alike, Pinhole Photography is packed with all the information you need to understand and get underway with this wonderfully quirky, creative technique. Covering pinhole photography from its historical roots, pinhole expert Eric Renner, founder of pinholeresource.com, fully explores the theory and practical application of pinhole in this beautiful resource.
Packed with inspiring images, instructional tips and information on a variety of pinhole cameras for beginner and advanced photographers, this classic text now offers a new chapter on digital imaging and more in depth how-to coverage for beginners, as well as revised exposure guides and optimal pinhole charts.
With an expanded gallery of full-color photographs displaying the creative results of pinhole cameras, along with listings of workshops, pinhole photographer's websites, pinhole books and suppliers of pinhole equipment, this is the one guide you need to learn the craft and navigate the industry.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Chapter 1. Pinhole’s History in the Exploration of Science and Ideology
    1. The Pinhole Archetype—From the Darkness of Caves and Holed Stones
      1. The Pinhole Archetype
    2. Early Pinhole Optics—Eclipses, Telling Time, Astrolabes, and Optical Phenomena
    3. Camera Obscura and Human Understanding
    4. Noon-Marks in Italian Renaissance Cathedrals
    5. The Pinhole in the Wave Theory of Light
      1. Diffraction
      2. Interference
    6. The Pinhole and the Eye
    7. Research into Optimal Pinholes
    8. Twentieth-Century Pinhole Imaging in High-Energy Physics
  8. Chapter 2. Pinhole’s History in the Exploration of Art
    1. Brunelleschi’s Pinhole Perspective Device
    2. Alberti’s First Diffraction Camera
    3. Alberti’s Intersector
    4. Leonardo Da Vinci
    5. Anamorph—The Deception of the Eye
    6. The First Pinhole Photographs in Art
    7. Pinhole’s Popularity in Early Pictorialism: George Davison
    8. August Strindberg
    9. Pinhole’s Demise in the Early 20th Century
  9. Chapter 3. Pinhole’s Revival
    1. Rebirth (1960–1990)
  10. Chapter 4. The Body as Camera, the Room as Camera Obscura
    1. The Body as Camera
    2. Room-Sized Camera Obscuras
      1. Taken with Time: A Camera Obscura Project
      2. The Legacy Project: The Great Picture
  11. Chapter 5. The Basic How-To of Pinhole Photography
    1. Basic Instructions for Pinhole Photography
    2. The Camera
      1. Materials Needed
      2. Adding the Pinhole
      3. Mounting the Pinhole
      4. Painting the Interior of the Camera Black
      5. Loading the Pinhole Camera
      6. Exposing the Negative
      7. Developing
      8. Motion
      9. Photographing the Miniature
      10. Multiple Cameras
      11. Popular Misconceptions
      12. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
  12. Chapter 6. The Advanced How-To of Pinhole Photography
    1. Optimal Pinhole Formulas
      1. Finding the f/stop
    2. Methods Used for Measuring the Pinhole
    3. Additional Information about the Pinhole
    4. Building Plans for a 4 × 5-inch Superwide Pinhole Camera
      1. Making a Pinhole Turret
    5. Pinhole Camera Geometries
      1. Depth of Field
      2. Photographing onto a Flat Film Plane
      3. Photographing onto a Curved Film Plane
      4. Photographing onto an Angled Flat Film Plane
    6. Exposure Times
      1. Additional Exposing Techniques
      2. Exposing with Polaroid Materials
      3. Filters
      4. Shutters
    7. Viewfinders
      1. Other Unusual Pinhole Cameras
      2. Altering Existing Cameras to Pinhole
  13. Chapter 7. Alternative Apertures: Zone Plates and Slits
    1. Zone Plates
      1. Zone Plate Cameras
      2. Mounting a Zone Plate
      3. Exposing
      4. Increasing Contrast in Zone Plate Negatives
    2. Slit Imaging
      1. Alternatives to Slits
  14. Chapter 8. Digital Imaging with Pinholes, Zone Plates, and Alternatives
    1. Making Digital Pinhole and Zone Plate Images
      1. Pinhole Spy Cameras
      2. Digital Printing for Nonsilver Processes
  15. Chapter 9. The Changing Pinhole Image
    1. Theory
    2. Images
    3. Into Space: Solar and Lunar Imaging
    1. Pinhole photography workshops
    2. General pinhole photography information
    3. Nonprofit organizations
    4. Events
    5. Online galleries specializing in pinhole photography
    6. Private individuals and small companies making pinhole products
    7. Commercial photographic suppliers carrying pinhole products
    8. High tech suppliers
    9. General websites on pinhole photography
    10. Individual pinhole photographers’ websites
      1. A short list of other pinhole websites:
    11. Websites devoted to pinhole photographers from individual countries
    12. Recently published books
    13. Recently published monographs
    14. Recent self-published books and museum/gallery catalogs
    15. Pinhole noonmarks, pinhole perspective devices
  17. Index