Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day

Book description

Develop and implement a Pinterest marketing strategy with this step-by-step guide

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform, with more than 80 percent of its users women between the ages of 25 and 54. Learn to reach this desirable market by following the advice in this step-by-step, task-based guide! It explains Pinterest's unique appeal and fundamentals, then shows how to develop a strategic marketing plan, set up an account, curate winning content, find followers, and track and monitor Pinterest traffic. The popular An Hour a Day format uses a detailed how-to approach with case studies, tips, interviews, and more.

  • Learn how craft, implement, measure, and optimize a successful Pinterest marketing plan

  • Explore the factors behind Pinterest's appeal and learn how to develop a plan based on your business's core goals, then implement it and monitor the results

  • Review case studies and interviews with successful Pinterest marketers to use as guidelines for your own campaigns

Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day gives you the know-how and the confidence to market your business on today's hottest social media platform.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Understanding Pinterest
    1. What Is Pinterest?
    2. The History of Pinterest
    3. Pinterest’s Quietly Explosive Growth
    4. How Pinterest Makes Money
    5. Pinterest’s Long-Term Potential
  8. Chapter 2: Who Uses Pinterest for Marketing and Why?
    1. Why Are Companies Using Pinterest?
    2. What Types of Companies Can Benefit from Using Pinterest?
  9. Chapter 3: What Makes Pinterest Valuable?
    1. Pinterest Plays Off the Impact of Imagery
    2. Pinterest Has a Low Barrier to Entry
    3. Pinterest Provides an Outlet for Content Curators
    4. Pinterest Offers Content Segmentation to Users
    5. Pinterest Serves as a Gateway Rather Than a Destination
    6. Pinterest Puts All Users on an Equal Playing Field
  10. Chapter 4: Week 1—Set Up a Pinterest Account
    1. Monday: Create an Account
    2. Tuesday: Understand the Category System
    3. Wednesday: Understand the Search System
    4. Thursday: Create and Organize Your Boards
    5. Friday: Start Pinning!
  11. Chapter 5: Week 2—Curating Content with Pinterest
    1. Monday: Repinning Content from Pinterest
    2. Tuesday: Pinning New Content with the Pin It Button and Bookmarklet
    3. Wednesday: Uploading Original Pins to Pinterest
    4. Thursday: Pinning Products
    5. Friday: Pinning Content Using a Smartphone
  12. Chapter 6: Week 3—Find and Attract Followers
    1. Monday: Understand Followers and Following
    2. Tuesday: Find People to Follow
    3. Wednesday: Selectively Follow Users’ Boards
    4. Thursday: Understand Commenting and Liking
    5. Friday: Recategorize Pins over Time
  13. Chapter 7: Week 4—Purposely Propagating Pins on Pinterest
    1. Monday: Getting Your Pins into the Stream
    2. Tuesday: Building Momentum by Timing Pins
    3. Wednesday: Controlling How Pins Are Posted
    4. Thursday: Understanding the Impact of a Good Image
    5. Friday: Creating Pinterest-Specific Image Collages
  14. Chapter 8: Week 5—Track and Monitor Pinterest Traffic
    1. Monday: Finding Out What Content Has Been Pinned from Your Site
    2. Tuesday: Understanding the Value of Pins vs. Repins
    3. Wednesday: Tracking the Traffic Generated by Pins
    4. Thursday: Understanding Why Pinterest Traffic Arrives over Time
    5. Friday: Using Third-Party Tools for Pinterest Analytics
  15. Chapter 9: Week 6—Developing a Successful Pinterest Strategy
    1. Monday: Learning How Your Target Market Uses Pinterest
    2. Tuesday: Discovering Patterns in Topical Pins
    3. Wednesday: Recruiting Evangelists and Fans for the Effort
    4. Thursday: Finding Tie-ins to Other Social Media Channels
    5. Friday: Understanding Your Staffing Availability
  16. Chapter 10: Week 7—Leveraging Boards for Better Reach
    1. Monday: Creating a Strategic Pinboard Structure
    2. Tuesday: Categorizing Boards
    3. Wednesday: Organizing and Reorganizing Boards
    4. Thursday: Creating Boards with Multiple Curators
    5. Friday: Creating Short-Term Boards for Marketing Purposes
  17. Chapter 11: Week 8—Using Pinterest to Attract Traffic
    1. Monday: Promoting Your Own Content
    2. Tuesday: Creating Pinterest-Focused Content
    3. Wednesday: Leverage Your Team
    4. Thursday: Developing a Resource Board
    5. Friday: Pinterest Best Practices
  18. Chapter 12: Week 9—Using Pinterest to Engage with Fans
    1. Monday: Play to the Interests of Your Audience
    2. Tuesday: Featuring Content That Highlights Your Brand
    3. Wednesday: Promoting Other Sites’ Content
    4. Thursday: Creating Crowd-Sourced Boards
    5. Friday: The Value of Cross-Channel Integration
  19. Chapter 13: Week 10—Pinterest Marketing Through Contests
    1. Monday: Understanding Pinterest Contests
    2. Tuesday: Exploring Contest Examples
    3. Wednesday: “Pin It to Win It” and Board Curation Contests
    4. Thursday: Pinterest Scavenger Hunts
    5. Friday: Pinterest Product Feature Contests
  20. Chapter 14: Week 11—Measure and Refine Your Strategy
    1. Monday: Setting Pinterest-Related Goals
    2. Tuesday: Analyzing Your Campaigns
    3. Wednesday: Understanding Common Pinterest Problems and Their Solutions
    4. Thursday: Continually Testing Your Approach
    5. Friday: Learning from a Pinterest Case Study
  21. Chapter 15: The Future of Pinterest Marketing
    1. Pinterest Will Change the Web
    2. A Future Pinterest API
    3. Understanding the Pinterest Effect
  22. Appendix A: Pinterest Marketing Resources
  23. Appendix B: Pinterest Tips from Top Marketers
  24. Glossary
  25. Index

Product information

  • Title: Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2013
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781118403457