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Pitching and Closing: Everything You Need to Know About Business Development, Partnerships, and Making Deals that Matter

Book Description


Corporations have profited from strong business development strategies for years. So it's no surprise that of the half-million new businesses created each year, the most successful ones are driven by business development. Now, savvy professionals on the business side of a startup have a reliable guide to perfecting the partnership strategies that will quickly add value to any company.

Pitching & Closing gives you concrete action steps for mastering the specific skill set today's business-development professionals need to define their roles and meet revenue expectations. Written in practical terms by playmakers at Twitter and SocialRank, this A-to-Z guide walks you through forging relationships, pitching a company's product, building a network, sourcing deals, making rejection positive, and staying cool while closing large deals. Firsthand accounts from business development executives across many industries, from tech to television to finance, bring to life such topics as:

  • How to consistently identify and land the best strategic alliances for your business
  • Why people say "yes" and why they say "no"
  • Etiquette for making introductions and reaching out to people in ways that elicit responses
  • Monitoring core metrics to know where to invest your time

In addition to implementable advice and techniques from the top minds in the industry, this complete resource features an entire section of best practices for every step of the partnering process. Make your moves with the confidence of having a team of experts at your back.

The road from startup to IPO starts with Pitching & Closing.


"This book is a must-read for anyone in the business of transforming professional relationships into powerful strategic partnerships." -- Adam Bain, President of Global Revenue at Twitter

"Pitching & Closing does a phenomenal job of giving you a seat in the room during some of the biggest business development deals of late. Anyone who reads this book will come away with a deep understanding of business development in the world of startups." -- Dylan Smith, CFO of Box

"Pitching & Closing is the definitive guide to partnerships for the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders." -- Adam Braun, Founder and CEO of Pencils of Promise

"An honest and insightful look at the delicate and complex handling of business development [that] guides readers on how to turn good ideas into great partnerships." -- Kyle Kelly, Business Development & Analysis at Zappos.com

"Alex Taub and Ellen DaSilva have written the bible for business development in startup land--a well-researched, easily accessible accounting of best practices and tips of the trade from the people who are leaders in opening and closing deals that define some of the most exciting new companies on the landscape." -- Laurie Racine, Board Member, Creative Commons

"I never thought I'd read a book that not only explains how nuanced business development can be, but also actually gives you what you need to take teams big and small to grow their business through partnerships. Impressive and fun to read." -- Paul Murphy, CEO of Dots and Partner at Betaworks

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1 Business Development
    1. 1 • What Is Business Development?
    2. 2 • Types of Business Development
    3. 3 • BD Team Structure
    4. 4 • Business Development Versus Sales
    5. 5 • Networking
    6. 6 • International BD
    7. 7 • Finding Your BD Mentor 35
    8. 8 • APIs and BD
    9. 9 • A Career in BD
    10. 10 • Digital Identity
  9. Part 2 Introduction to Partnerships
    1. 11 • Understanding Other Companies
    2. 12 • Four Golden Rules of Partnerships
    3. 13 • Three Types of Partnerships
    4. 14 • Identifying the Right Person at the Partner Company
    5. 15 • Partner Feedback
    6. 16 • Doing a Deal Versus Doing the Best Deal
    7. 17 • Sincere Selling
    8. 18 • Vapor Sales
  10. Part 3 Pitching and Closing
    1. 19 • Pipelines and Prepitch Execution
    2. 20 • Making the Pitch and Closing the Deal
    3. 21 • The Legality of Deal Making: Contracts and Beyond
    4. 22 • Launching Deals and Compounding Effects
    5. 23 • Keeping the Deal
  11. Part 4 Best Practices: Preparation and Execution
    1. 24 • Introductions: Best Practices
    2. 25 • Reaching Out and Corresponding
    3. 26 • Following Up and Other Best Practices for Correspondence
    4. 27 • Persistence
    5. 28 • Rejection
    6. 29 • Being Helpful and Adding Value
    7. 30 • Feeling the Pulse of the Market
    8. 31 • The “Shiny Things” Disease
    9. 32 • Internal Communication
    10. 33 • Working with Big Companies
    11. 34 • Working with the Press
    12. 35 • “Launch Partner” Strategy
    13. 36 • Turning a Nice to Have into a Need to Have
  12. Part 5 War Stories
    1. 37 • Introduction to War Stories
    2. 38 • Large-Company BD: Kristal Bergfield
    3. 39 • Entrepreneurship and BD: Scott Britton
    4. 40 • The Ultimate Connector: Charlie O’Donnell
    5. 41 • BD and the Legal World: Richard Bloom
    6. 42 • Trendsetter Partnerships: Gary Vaynerchuk
    7. 43 • From BD to Founder: Tristan Walker
    8. 44 • Day 1 Entrepreneur: Shaival Shah
    9. 45 • Dorm Room Deal Maker: Andrew N. Ferenci
    10. 46 • Sports, Private Jets, and Philanthropy: Jesse Itzler
    11. 47 • Music BD and International Relations: Zeeshan Zaidi
    12. 48 • Banking to BD: Nicole Cook
    13. 49 • BD and Sales: Eric Friedman
    14. 50 • Intern to VP: Erin Pettigrew
  13. Sources
  14. Index
  15. About the Authors