4.5. Estimate of Catchment Yield Using Rainfall–Runoff Modeling

Runoff can be estimated using rainfall–runoff modeling. The range of models may vary from the empirical or tables to the distributed catchment models. Here, only tables (i.e., Strange table) and water-balance approach for daily runoff simulation are discussed. Simulation of runoff can also be done using the available hydrological software, such as HEC-HMS, SWAT, MIKE 11-NAM, etc. (Singh, 1992).

4.5.1. Strange Table

After studying several catchments of the Konkan region of India, Strange in 1928 proposed a table of coefficients for the computation of daily runoff from daily observed rainfall (Garg, 2005). The catchment characteristics are classified as good (i.e., hills or plains with ...

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