A.1. Unit Conversion Factor

(a) Length
1 in=2.54cm
1 ft=0.305m
1 mi=1.609km
1 m=3.281ft
1 yd=0.9144m
1 km=0.6214mi
1 chain=20.11m
1 Eng. Ch.=30m
(b) Area
1 sq in=6.452sq cm
1 sq ft=0.0929sq m
1 sq cm=0.155sq in
1 sq m=10.76sq ft
=1.094sq yd
1 ac=0.4047ha
=4047sq m
=43,560sq ft
1 ha=104sq m
1 sq mi=2.59sq km
1 sq km=100ha
=0.3861sq mi
Table Continued


(c) Volume
1 cu ft=28.32L
=6.24imp gal
=7.48US gal
1 Liter (L)=1000cu cm
=0.22imp gal
1 cu m=35.3147cu ft
1 gal=4.546L
1 ac-ft=43,560cu ft
=1234cu m
1 cu km=0.811M ac-ft
1 ha-m=104cu m
1 M cu m=100ha-m
(1 MCM)=106cu m
(d) Discharge or ...

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