Chapter 4

Making Decisions: A Family Affair

In This Chapter

arrow Discussing plans with your family

arrow Working out fair and acceptable arrangements

arrow Resolving problems

Unless you live in total isolation, the decisions you make concerning a long-term care plan affect other people — family, friends, coworkers, and others. You may already depend on some of these people, and they may depend on you. Although the ultimate choice should be yours, getting to that point may involve some discussion and negotiation. Compromise is not a four-letter word; it may be the best way to proceed.

Talking through these decisions with other people can sometimes be uncomfortable, but I strongly encourage you to do it sooner rather than later. The decisions don't have to be implemented immediately, and you will be better prepared if you have a road map. You may encounter detours and roadblocks, but if you have a destination in sight, you can work around them.

In this chapter I discuss some of the issues you may consider as you discuss the options with others, and I suggest some ways to resolve disagreements, whether they are based on the current situation or have long-standing roots.

Holding Family Meetings

Perhaps ...

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