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Plant IT

Book Description

Information Technology (IT) is an important element of plant floor operations and Dennis Brandl’s monthly column on Manufacturing IT in Control Engineering magazine covers IT aspects that are critical to modern manufacturing. This book expands on the magazine’s explanations of the concepts and tools needed to achieve higher manufacturing productivity and efficiencies. Written for manufacturing professionals, the book overviews the wide range of IT elements underlying the manufacturing IT environment. It provides you with the information to be conversant in IT elements and to effectively manage and participate in manufacturing IT projects. Each chapter of the book discusses an IT issue that is important to a manufacturing company, including practical programming, real-world design considerations, databases and master data management, knowledge management, tools and programming languages, cyber security, managing resource information and regulations. And because software engineering is a foundation for all IT elements, this book also provides important points about software engineering and software project management for non-software engineers who must manage or participate in IT projects. Familiarity with all these topics will help you facilitate cooperation between manufacturing and IT professionals to achieve more effective implementations of plant floor operations IT— resulting in increased production productivity and product quality.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Titlepage
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. MSI Basics
    1. What’s in a Name?—Manufacturing Science Informatics
    2. TRUST in Software Engineering Methods
    3. Rules for Successful Software Projects
    4. Measuring Your Control Programming Capability
    5. Let’s Get Personal
  7. Real-World Design
    1. Stability and Consistency in the Changing IT World
    2. Designing for a Fallible World
    3. Focus on Avoidance, Not on the Risk
    4. Starting Off on the Right Foot
  8. Tools and Languages
    1. Riding the Enterprise Service Bus
    2. The MIB is Here to Help
    3. Manufacturing in the Clouds
    4. Do You Speak My Language?
    5. Manufacturing Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing Decisions
  9. Practical Programming
    1. Playing in Your Sandbox
    2. Moving the Ball Forward
    3. USB Thumb Drive Diagnostics
    4. The Future is Virtual
    5. Why to Virtualize
    6. Virtualize Now
  10. Cyber Security
    1. Virus and Hackers and Worms—Oh My!
    2. Bar the Windows and Tie Down Your Hat
    3. How Much is Enough for Security?
    4. Anti-Virus Protection, is it for You?
    5. Password Protected?
  11. Databases
    1. Let’s Put Information Back into IT
    2. Sometimes a Database is Enough
    3. Learning the Mathematics of Information
    4. Practical Manufacturing Databases
  12. Regulations
    1. Tracking and Tracking on the Factory Floor
    2. What’s Your Energy Level?
    3. Don’t Cloud Your Compliance Data
    4. Retention and Disposition Policies—Letting Go is Hard to Do!
  13. Building for Efficiency
    1. Cutting Costs with Manufacturing IT Standards
    2. Network Architectures for Manufacturing
    3. The Best Laid Plans, Often Go Astray—Without Constraints
    4. SOA for Manufacturing
  14. Personnel, Equipment, and Material
    1. What’s in a Name—Equipment?
    2. We Live in a Material World
    3. Sometimes It’s Personnel
  15. Knowledge
    1. Quick, Quick—Knowledge Management
    2. Don’t Drown in Manufacturing Paperwork
    3. What’s the One Right Answer, Enterprise Search for Manufacturing?
    4. “How May I Help You?”
    5. Know When to Hold ’em, Know How to Fold ’em
  16. Conclusion
  17. Bibliography
  18. Acronyms
  19. Index
  20. Lastpage
  21. Backcover