This is a subject index. For authors and plays that appear in photographs, see the listings in the front of the book.



adjustments in, 32, 148

aggressor concept in, 31, 153

arcs of character journey in, 1921, 152

characterization in, 150

character’s knowledge in, 149, 152

choices as technique in, 153

conducive rehearsal atmosphere for, 154

daring in, 154

decorum in, 150

discoveries as technique in, 148149

emotion in, 32

ensemble playing in, 155

events experienced as technique in, 151

function of a role in, 153

gesture in, 106108

given circumstances in, 150

with hand properties, 109111

hearing and seeing in, 149

in historical play production, 321326

as illustration in style making, 294

in improvisational theatre, 371 ...

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