PMP® Certification All-in-One For Dummies®

Book description

Be as prepared as possible to take the PMP certification exam

The PMP certification is the most popular project management certification available, but also a very difficult certification to obtain with very demanding requirements. That's where this All-in-One reference comes in. Packed with valuable information for taking the exam, the nine books in one covers everything from the certification process to gathering information for the application and signing up to take the exam, as well as studying for the most pertinent parts of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and review questions. One thousand pages of fresh, new, and completely up-to-date comprehensive content have been prepared to correlate with the various domains of the test requirements.

  • Serves as a solitary resource for all things related to PMP certification, from signing up to take the exam to getting savvy with the areas of the PMBOK that are required to be PMP certified

  • Helps you navigate through each domain of the PMBOK: communications management, cost management, human resources management, integration management, procurement management, quality management, risk management, scope management, and time management

  • Offers complete coverage of the challenging PMP certification requirements and a large selection of practice questions

  • Includes a CD-ROM that features fully customizable test-prep software

With this book by your side, you'll learn to navigate the various requirements that will put you on your way to becoming PMP certified.

"The ebook version does not provide access to the companion files".

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Book I: PMP Foundation
    1. Chapter 1: The PMP Exam
    2. Chapter 2: Foundations of Project Management
    3. Chapter 3: Project Life Cycles, Organizational Structures, and Organizational Process Assets
    4. Chapter 4: It's All about the Process
  6. Book II: Starting Off Right
    1. Chapter 1: OMG! It's a Project!
    2. Chapter 2: Chartering Your Project
    3. Chapter 3: Identifying Project Stakeholders
  7. Book III: Planning Scope and Schedule
    1. Chapter 1: Defining Project Scope
    2. Chapter 2: Creating Your Schedule
  8. Book IV: Planning Cost, Quality, Human Resources, and Communication
    1. Chapter 1: Estimating the Price Tag
    2. Chapter 2: Planning for Quality
    3. Chapter 3: Identifying Your Team Members
    4. Chapter 4: 90 Percent of Your Job Is Communication
  9. Book V: Planning for Risks, Procurement, and Integration
    1. Chapter 1: Identifying What Could Go Wrong
    2. Chapter 2: Getting Help - Procuring Project Scope
    3. Chapter 3: Constructing the Project Management Plan
  10. Book VI: Managing Your Project
    1. Chapter 1: Executing Your Project and Assuring Quality
    2. Chapter 2: Managing the People Side of Your Project
    3. Chapter 3: Getting the Word Out to Stakeholders and Contractors
  11. Book VII: Controlling Change, Scope, Schedule, and Cost
    1. Chapter 1: Monitoring, Controlling, and Managing Change
    2. Chapter 2: Controlling Project Scope
    3. Chapter 3: Controlling Your Schedule
    4. Chapter 4: Controlling Cost and Using Earned Value
  12. Book VIII: Controlling Quality, Risks, and Contracts
    1. Chapter 1: Controlling Quality
    2. Chapter 2: Reporting-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    3. Chapter 3: Managing Your Risks and Procurements
  13. Book IX: Closing Your Project and the Code of Ethics
    1. Chapter 1: Closing Your Contracts and Your Project
    2. Chapter 2: The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  14. Appendix A: What's on the CD
  15. Appendix B: Practice Test
  16. Appendix C: Lab Work
  17. Appendix D: Exam Objective Cross Walk
  18. Glossary

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  • Title: PMP® Certification All-in-One For Dummies®
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9780470087152