Chapter 2: Creating Your Schedule

Exam Objective

check.png Using the scope and resource plan, create a project schedule to manage the timely completion of the project.

Your project schedule is one of the most important pieces of documentation for your project. It contains all kinds of information, identifying the following:

Activities needed to get the work done

Milestone events and dates

The sequence in which the activities need to occur

The resources you need to accomplish the work

The duration and effort estimates

When activities should start and finish

Activities that can slip without impacting the due date

The critical path

Because a project schedule communicates so much information, many people mistakenly refer to it as project plan. In fact, the schedule is only one component of the project plan, but it is an important one. We'll discuss the project plan (or project management plan) in Book V, Chapter 3.

fortheexam.eps The PMP exam doesn't have questions that relate to any kind of scheduling tool (software). Instead, the exam focuses on the schedule data needed to develop an effective schedule. Therefore, you must be familiar with the theory and mechanics necessary to build a schedule.

Quick Assessment

1 The process of approximating the number of work periods needed to ...

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