Chapter 2: Getting Help — Procuring Project Scope

Exam Objective

check.png Review the project scope and schedule to determine what, if any, scope or resources will need to be procured.

Project procurement concerns purchasing project scope. This knowledge area can be approached from the perspective of the buyer or the seller. The buyer needs to carefully consider which parts of the project scope to buy, which they must make inhouse, and which parts they can make or buy.

Procurement can take place any time during the project life cycle, although the identification of which items will ultimately be procured is generally made early, during scope definition. After the work breakdown structure (WBS) is decomposed to deliverables, it can be used to determine the “make or buy” decisions.

Procurements other than readily available commercial goods are executed with a contract. Sometimes that contract is called an agreement, a purchase order (PO), a subcontract, or an understanding. However, because it is a legal document, a contract obligates the seller and the buyer to perform in specific ways. Therefore, there is usually input or oversight by each organization's legal department and/or purchasing department.

When a project procures product scope from outside the organization, the contract management work associated with administering the procurement and the contract need to be integrated with the ...

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