Chapter 1: Controlling Quality

Exam Objective

check.png Control quality and insure that project deliverables align with the quality standards established in the project quality plan by using appropriate tools and techniques (such as testing, inspection, and control charts) to adhere to customer requirements.

Just like the other quality processes, the Perform Quality Control process focuses on product quality as well as project quality. Because much of the quality improvement and quality control work you do on projects comes from the factory floor, many tools and techniques are adopted to meet project needs.

As I discuss in the chapter on controlling project scope (Book VII, Chapter 2), a very close relationship exists between quality control and scope verification. Perform Quality Control is concerned with comparing deliverables against the quality plan and quality metrics to ensure that the deliverables are correct and meet the requirements. After this is done, the validated deliverables go through the Verify Scope process for customer acceptance.

Another aspect of this process is that here, the project manager checks that approved change requests were implemented as approved. This is one of the aspects of project scope that's analyzed and controlled.

Note that some of the tools and techniques are discussed in Book IV, Chapter 2 and Book VI, Chapter 1 where I go over planning project quality ...

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