Appendix B: Practice Test

1 Assume that your project evaluates risk impacts as Low, Moderate, and High as follows: Low 0.1 - 0.2, Moderate 0.3 - 0.4, High 0.5 - 0.9. These ratings

A Are wrong. They must be linear.

B Cannot sum to 1.0 because 1.0 would reflect a case of certainty.

C Must be the same for every project in your department's portfolio.

D Demonstrate a degree of risk aversion.

2 Which stakeholder looks at the financial return from a group of projects and programs?

A The project manager

B The PMO manager

C The portfolio manager

D The program manager

3 You performed a quantitative risk analysis on your project. The output of this analysis

A Shows the probability of achieving your project's schedule and cost objectives.

B Shows the probability of achieving your project risk objectives.

C Lists risks that require responses in the near term.

D Identifies trends in qualitative risk analysis results.

4 Tone and inflection is what component of communication?

A Verbal

B Nonverbal

C Para language

D Linguistics

5 You work at a multinational organization. Your latest project includes people in four time zones, people who work from their homes, and technical experts from around the globe. This is an example of

A A virtual team

B Cultural diversity

C A reduced travel budget

D Geographical dispersion

6 The process most concerned with maintaining the integrity of project baselines is

A Report Performance

B Monitor and Control Project Work

C Perform Integrated ...

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