Chapter 1: Constructing the Project Management Plan

Exam Objectives

arrow.png Define and document how changes will be addressed to track and manage changes throughout the project.

arrow.png Present the project management plan to attain approval before executing the project.

arrow.png Hold a kick-off meeting to start the project and communicate key project information.

I begin this minibook by identifying the cross-cutting skills you will need when planning a project. Skills such as active listening and decision-making are necessary when developing a project management plan, which is the master plan for the project. It comprises all the other subsidiary management plans, the project baselines, and additional components that are used to execute, monitor, control, and close the project. Nearly all (22 of the 47 processes are directly related to the Develop Project Management Plan process covered in this chapter. For more on this, turn to Figure 4-5 in the PMBOK Guide, which shows how these processes provide inputs to, and receive outputs from, this process.

The project management plan is started after the project charter is approved. However, it is developed iteratively, as the subsidiary plans and the baselines ...

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