Chapter 3: Getting the Word Out to Stakeholders and Contractors

Exam Objectives

arrow.png Ensure a common understanding by setting expectations in accordance with the project plan to align the stakeholder and team members.

arrow.png Minimize the impact of issues with the project schedule, cost, and resources by using the issue register to manage issues and assign corrective actions.

arrow.png Implement the procurement of project resources in accordance with the procurement plan.

When I discuss communications in the planning chapter (Book IV, Chapter 4), I state that 90 percent of the project manager’s job is communication. This chapter looks at the process of managing communications according to the project management plan.

Of special interest when communicating is managing stakeholder engagement. This can include negotiating, listening, addressing issues, and influencing. You significantly increase the likelihood of project success by actively managing stakeholders, their expectations, and their engagement level.

Both processes rely heavily on effective communication skills. Therefore, in this chapter, I talk about how to communicate effectively as well as what blocks effective communication. Because a large ...

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