Chapter 2: The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

PMI has developed and published a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (“the Code”) that describes the expectations of project management practitioners. The Code articulates the ideals that we (as project managers) should aspire to, and those behaviors that are considered mandatory. The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is to instill confidence in the project management profession and to help an individual become a better practitioner.

Because there aren’t any questions that are solely based on the Code, I have been sprinkling the standards throughout the text of all the minibooks. In this chapter, I present the standards in one place to give you further understanding of how they might be integrated into exam questions.

There are no exam objectives associated with the information in this chapter. Rather, you will see questions that incorporate situations that would require you to apply standards from the Code along with the technical information from the process groups and knowledge areas.

The Code focuses on four areas: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. In this chapter, I look at each of these four elements and how they apply to projects and the PMP exam.

Quick Assessment

1. The four values in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are responsibility, ______, fairness, and ______.

2. The two types of standards in the Code of Ethics are ______ and ______.

3. (True/False). ...

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