6 PMP® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide
4. You are the project manager in charge of developing a new shipping container
for Globus Ocean Transport, which needs to withstand winds of 90 knots and
swells of 30 meters. In determining the dimension of the container and the
materials to be used in its fabrication, you convene a group of knowledgeable
professionals to gather initial requirements, which will be included in the—
a. Project charter
b. Bill of materials
c. WBS
d. Project Statement of Work
5. You have assembled a core team to develop the project management plan
for the next generation of fatigue ghting drugs. The science is complex, and
the extended team of researchers, clinicians, and patients for trials exceeds
500 people. The content of your project management plan will be directed
primarily by two factors. They are
a. Project complexity and the capability of resources
b. Number of resources and project schedule
c. Team member experience and budget
d. Application area and complexity
6. When you established the change control board for your avionics project,
you established specic procedures to govern its operation. The procedures
require all approved changes to baselines to be reected in the—
a. Performance measurement baseline
b. Change management plan
c. Quality assurance plan
d. Project management plan
7. You are beginning a new project staffed with a virtual team located across ve
countries. To help avoid conict in work priorities among your team members
and their functional managers, you ask the project sponsor to prepare a—
a. Memo to team members informing them that they work for you now
b. Project charter
c. Memo to the functional managers informing them that you have authority
to direct their employees
d. Human resource management plan
8. The purpose of economic value added (EVA) is to
a. Determine the opportunity costs associated with the project
b. Determine a non–time-dependent measure of prot or return
c. Assess the net operating prot after taxes
d. Evaluate the return on capital percent versus the cost of capital percent
Project Integration Management 7
9. Facilitation techniques are used throughout project management. Your
company is embarking on a project to completely eliminate defects in its
products. You are the project manager for this project, and you are devel-
oping your project charter. To assist you, which of the following facilitation
techniques did you use?
a. Surveys
b. Delphi approach
c. Meeting management
d. Focus groups
10. The direct and manage project work process truly is important in project
management. It affects many other key processes and uses inputs from
others. Working with your team at its kickoff meeting, you explain the key
benet of this process is to
a. Implement approved changes
b. Provide overall management of the project work
c. Lead and perform activities in the project management plan
d. Perform activities to accomplish project objectives
11. You are managing a project in an organization that is characterized by rigid
rules and policies and strict supervisory controls. Your project, sponsored
by your CEO who is new to the company, is to make the organization less
bureaucratic and more participative. You are developing your project man-
agement plan. Given the organization as it now is set up, as you prepare
your plan, you can use which of the following organizational process
a. Guidelines and criteria
b. Project management body of knowledge for your industry
c. Organizational structure and culture
d. The existing infrastructure
12. You are fairly new to managing a project but have been a team member for
many years. You are pleased you were selected to manage your companys
2018 model line of hybrid vehicles. You are now planning your project and
have been preparing the subsidiary plans as well. You realize some project
documents also are required to help manage your project. An example of
one that you believe will be especial helpful is the—
a. Business case
b. Key performance indicators
c. Project management information system
d. Project statement of work

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