Business Basics
Create an inspiring strategy
Decide what you really, really want
Research. Question. Discuss. Think
Be crystal clear about the market opportunity
Think big. Give yourself an epic challenge
Check where the threats will come from
Make sure you have the people to deliver
Work out the fi rst three steps
Meticulously plan cash in and cash out
Assume twice as long and double the cost
Be fl exible. Progress is never a straight line
We succeed only when we meet
and exceed the expectations of our
customers. We have a passion for
excellence and endeavour to set
and deliver the highest standards of
service, value, integrity and fairness.
We celebrate the diversity and power
of people, ideas and cultures. We
respect and enrich the communities
in which we do business. We feel
a sense of responsibility to lead by
example of creativity, enthusiasm
and loyalty to our customers.
How to write a

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