How to survive on the Board
n Do the spadework before the meeting
n Tell the Chair what’s on your agenda
n Remember the Board is expected to lead
n Beware of factions and politics
n Understand and use personal agendas
n Make sure you’re on top of the numbers
n Keep in touch with the front line
n Avoid murky skullduggery
n Delegate detailed work to sub-committees
n Bring the rest of the business with you
Playa Del Excito
Costa De Riquesas
Las Islas Tranquillas
Take time to enjoy your success
Understand how you made it
Look out for new threats
Understand what success buys you
Plan your succession
Help other people to succeed
Get the paperwork straight
Share the fruits with all who grew it
Mend the roof while the sun shines
Now learn something new

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