Chapter 10. Move It on Up (To Your Web Server)

In This Chapter

  • Moving podcast media files to your Web server

  • Naming your files appropriately

  • Keeping your FTP space neat and tidy

You've managed to figure out what it is you want to say (or show), you've gone through the trials and tribulations of the editing process (or not), and you've faithfully employed correct ID3 tagging (nonnegotiable). That's great, but no one is going to hear your contribution to the podcasting world until you put your files up on the World Wide Web.

In Chapter 1, we cover the hosting provider selection process. In this chapter, we take an extensive look at the mechanics of the process, including how to appropriately name and organize your files.

Podcasters have a variety of options when it comes to moving files. Many people employ specialized software, and some podcast-specific hosting companies make moving your files to the Web as simple as point and click. And for the "old school" folks, text-based applications baked right in to the operating system might be the preferred method.

Although the methods for uploading files are all different, they all help you accomplish the same job: moving files from your personal computer to their new home on the World Wide Web.

Adopting an Effective Filenaming Convention

In Chapter 9, we talk about the importance of "the little things," such as ID3 tags. Equally important is how you decide to name your podcast media files. In this section, we illustrate the importance, not only ...

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