Chapter 15. Show Me the Money

In This Chapter

  • Attracting advertisers and sponsors

  • Building your media kit

  • Exploring listener-based revenue options

Throughout this book, we show you novel and interesting ways to toss significant amount of coinage into the proverbial black hole of podcasting. Throwing money at your podcast can easily become a habit — and it likely should come with a warning from the Surgeon General or perhaps your accountant.

Hosting fees, bandwidth overages, shiny new microphones, music royalties and licensing fees, phone charges, travel expenses ...the hard and soft costs of this little hobby of yours just might add up quickly.

That's why this chapter shows you some ways to offset a portion (or all) of these costs and perhaps even add a few dollars to your pocket while you explore your newfound passion. In case you anticipate a large following, we cover some ideas you can use to make this your paying gig.


Being a podcaster is a lot like being an actor, a writer, or a movie star. A few select individuals may make it big, but most folks just get by — and that can be okay. If you're reading this chapter first in hopes of getting a crash course in how to "get rich quick" with your podcast, you're about to be disappointed. If not, we can talk.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Most podcasters fall into one of three categories in terms of their audience size: small, medium, and large (well, yeah). Because of the very low barrier-to-entry — in effect, almost anyone can create a ...

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