Maybe you've been casually surfing the Web or perusing your newspaper when the word podcasting has popped up. Steadily, like a building wave that would make champion surfers salivate with delight, the term has popped up again and again — and your curiosity continues to pique as the word podcasting echoes in your ears and remains in the back of your mind as a riddle wrapped in an enigma, super-sized with a side of fries and a diet soda to go.

Podcasting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is the answer to that super-sized riddle-enigma combo, and it even comes complete with a special prize. Beginning with the question at the forefront of your mind — What is podcasting? — this book takes you through the fastest-growing technological movement on the Internet. By the time you reach the end of this book, the basics will be in place to get you, your voice, and your message heard around the world — and you can even have a bit of fun along the way.

About This Book

"So what are you up to, Tee?"

"I'm currently making a podcast of my first novel, a swashbuckling tale that carries our heroes . . ."

"Uh... what is a podcast?"

Asked by best friends and lifetime technologists, this question continues to crop up over and over again, immediately after the word podcast lands in a casual conversation. Just the word podcasting carries an air of geekiness about it — and behold, the habitual technophobes suddenly clasp their hands to their ears and run away screaming in horror lest they confront yet another ...

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