Note: Page numbers followed by “f” indicate figures, “t” indicate tables.’
Absorption of heavy metals and organic matters, 122–123
Absorptive capacity variation
of mixed heavy metal solution, 107–110
Cd variation, 108f
Cr variation, 109f
Cu variation, 109f
Pb variation, 108f
Zn variation, 108f
of single heavy metal solution, 104
Cd variation, 107f
Cu variation, 106f
Cu variation, 107f
Pb variation, 106f
Zn variation, 106f
Acid extractable fraction, 36–37
Acid neutralizing capacity (ANC), 125
Acid rain
heavy metals under, 126–139, 130t
EC in leachate, 131–133, 132f, 133t
landfill lysimeter setup, 129f
leachate amount generating in landfilling, 130, 130f
migration of heavy metal and calcium, 133–139, 141t–142t
TDS in leachate, 131–133, 132f, 133t
variation of pH ...

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