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K. FeaselPolyBase Revealedhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5461-5_9

9. PolyBase in Azure Synapse Analytics

Kevin Feasel1 
Durham, NC, USA

After having looked at the plethora of new data sources available to us with PolyBase V2, we will change our focus in this chapter to look at how PolyBase works for ETL in Azure Synapse Analytics. We will start with an overview of the PolyBase surface area and see how Azure Synapse Analytics muddies the waters with respect to functionality. Next, we will create a new Azure Synapse Analytics database. Then, we will use PolyBase to read data from Azure Blob Storage into Azure Synapse Analytics and look at a couple tips for speeding up data loads. After that, we will dive into some of the ...

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