Chapter 8
Human Project:
Female Body
Torso and Limbs
Modeling a female body isn’t a complicated task; however, it
requires a great deal of planning on the mesh control cage. In this
chapter we start by modeling the torso and limbs, then model the
hand and foot, and finally put it all together with the head.
Figure 8-1 shows the reference sheet for the body.
Figure 8-1: Reference sheet for female body.
We start with a 2x5 box as shown in the following figure.
As we did for the male body, we reshape the basic box to conform to
our reference shape.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-2
Figure 8-3
To make the arm, select the marked polygon and delete it, then
place a box according to the reference sheet.
Cut the box into eight segments and delete the polygon on each
Adjust the vertices to fit the arm reference and weld it to the body.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-4
Figure 8-5
Figure 8-6
Now we have the base of the torso and arm for this model.
Cut the marked polygons to generate the base for the breasts, then
select the marked edge at the right of Figure 8-8.
Scale down and move forward to match the reference (use the side
view to align). Then cut the marked polygon.
We just need a few more cuts as shown at the center of Figure 8-10
to have a base mesh for the female torso.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-7
Figure 8-8
Figure 8-9
As shown in Figure 8-11, cut the marked edges and remove the
dashed lines on the left, cut as marked in the center, and weld the
marked vertices on the right.
Remove the dashed lines and cut one more ring inside the nipple,
then remove the dashed lines. Notice how all the tris become quads.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-10
Figure 8-11
Figure 8-12

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