Cut the marked area shown at the left to hold the tension for the
breast. Notice in the center and at the right that we need more cuts
and tweaks to give the pelvis a rounder shape (notice the eight-
sided shape of the n-gon).
We also need to delete the marked polygon so we can attach the leg.
For the leg we must have an eight-sided cylinder with seven seg-
ments and no cap at either end (we’ll attach the foot later on).
The basic leg is created by simply moving the vertices to fit our
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-13
Figure 8-14
The next step is attaching the leg to the pelvis and welding the
eight matched vertices.
Low-poly game modelers would want to be careful about adding
polygons here so the mesh doesn’t slow down the game too much.
Now let’s start refining the back.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-15
Figure 8-16
Figure 8-17
Select the marked polygons, extrude them up, and scale down.
Delete the face generated in the mirror line by the Extrude tool.
We add more edges, just following the flow.
Cut the marked edges to improve the tension in the respective
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-18
Figure 8-19
Figure 8-20
Then add one continuous edge on the back to hold the tension on
the spine area.
Now we start changing the flow of the abdomen by cutting the
marked lines and removing the dashed lines.
Notice the loop structure for the abdomen; select the polygons in
the navel region and extrude them back a little bit.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-21
Figure 8-22
Figure 8-23
We start the next step of refinement near the clavicle bone. Cut the
edge marked at the right of Figure 8-24.
Cut the marked edge and remove the dashed line, pushing up the
marked vertex a little.
After subdividing, we get the result shown in Figure 8-26 for the
clavicle. We redefine the loop for the neck as shown in the center.
The image at the right shows the subdivided geometry of the clavi-
cle and the neck.
Chapter 8 – Human Project: Female Body
Figure 8-24: Shaded version of the mirrored and welded version of the
female body.
Figure 8-25

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