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Positive Thinking

Book Description

Bestselling author Gill Hasson is back to help you learn how the power of positive thinking can change your life

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel plagued by negative thoughts and emotions every day? Gill Hasson, the bestselling author of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, is back to help you move on from those pesky negative emotions and focus on the positive instead. Gill's practical and reassuring approach to the benefits of positive thinking will have you applying it to your own life every day.

If you struggle to see past setbacks both at work and at home, it can be tricky not to let those negative emotions affect you in every area of your life. This book will give readers the tools to view life with a positive outlook and charge ahead in achieving goals that once seemed out of reach.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the triggers for negative thoughts and understand how to turn them into positive ones
  • Deal with setbacks and make the most out of negative situations
  • Improve your happiness by accepting situations and learning how to move forward
  • Understand how the power of positive thinking can help you achieve your goals

The power of positive thinking is not a new idea; it's been around long enough to become almost a cliché, but there's a reason behind its longevity: positivity works. This book shows you how to break through the clouds today, and start working toward the life you want.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: Positive Thinking and Positive Action
    1. 1: You Are What You Think
      1. Positive thinking vs. negative thinking
      2. Positive intentions of negative thinking
      3. Narrow perspectives
      4. Broad perspectives
      5. Cognitive distortions
      6. Your amazing brain
      7. In a nutshell
    2. 2: Moving on from Negative Thinking
      1. Recognize negative self-talk
      2. Challenging and replacing negative thinking
      3. Accepting negative thoughts and moving on to positive thoughts and actions
      4. In a nutshell
    3. 3: Taking Positive Action
      1. Positive thinking and positive action
      2. How to get what you want and achieve your goals
      3. In a nutshell
  3. Part 2: Developing and Maintaining Positive Thinking
    1. 4: Finding and Keeping Motivation
      1. Acting ‘as if’
      2. Change your body, change your mind
      3. Where there's a will there's a way!
      4. In a nutshell
    2. 5: Creating a Positive Mindset
      1. 1. Appreciate your day
      2. 2. Be kind
      3. 3. Work to help other people
      4. 4. Give compliments
      5. 5. Mind your language
      6. In a nutshell
    3. 6: Building Your Self-Esteem and Confidence
      1. Start from a position of strength
      2. In a nutshell
  4. Part 3: Positive Thinking for Difficult Situations
    1. 7: Dealing with Disappointments and Setbacks, Trauma and Tragedy
      1. Setbacks and disappointments
      2. Trauma and tragedy
      3. Look for the positive
      4. Bullying and abuse
      5. Criticism
      6. Forgiving
      7. Guilt and regret
      8. In a nutshell
    2. 8: Managing a Fear of Failure, Perfectionism and Comparing Yourself with Others
      1. How to overcome a fear of failure
      2. Letting go of unhelpful perfectionism
      3. Comparing yourself with other people
      4. In a nutshell
  5. Conclusion
  6. Useful Websites
  7. About the Author
  8. Index
  9. EULA